UW Dream Project

Steering Committee (2017-2018)

The Steering Committee is comprised of experienced Dream Project mentors that are representative of and actively support key leadership bodies that are essential to fulfilling Dream Project’s mission. In weekly Steering meetings, mentors and staff discuss internal and external affairs, seeking input from stakeholders on programmatic decisions. This committee is also a part of the planning committee and collaborates with planning members in their projects.

Steering Manager:

Responsibilities: ensures that all leadership bodies and individuals are properly supported, informed, and held accountable with regards to professional development and individual growth. Ensures effective communication between various bodies and individuals. Coordinates and facilitates weekly Steering meetings with representatives from various leadership bodies. Stay informed of progress and goals of each leadership body and ensures that they are accomplished in a timely manner. Conducts one-on-one meetings with leaders as needed for various reasons: accountability, on-boarding, check-ins.

Lecture Lead Facilitators:

Responsibilities: Support the development of lectures for both EDUC 260 and EDUC 360. Work with lecture leads on syllabi. Seek out guest speakers to enhance classroom learning. Maintain consistent and clear communication with lecture leads and rest of lecture support team. Collaborate with Steering Committee for assistance, connections, support, and feedback.

High School Lead Managers:

Responsibilities: Ensure successful implementation of the Dream Project’s mentorship model in the partner high schools, working with High School Leads (HSLs) and ensuring that individual schools are receiving the support needed and having their expectations met. Conduct weekly meetings with high school leads and serve as a resource for troubleshooting any issues that may arise with high school visits, high school lead pairings, or any other types of problem. Assist HSLs in the development and application of curriculum for the breakout component to class. Collaborate with Steering Committee for assistance, connections, support, and feedback.

Advancement Leads:

Responsibilities: Ensure continued funding for Dream Project, oversee fundraising committee to steward donor and alumni relations, and apply for grants. Conduct fundraising committee meetings. Maintain contact with donors and alumni through appropriate channels. Seek out grants to apply for and compose appreciation notes in a timely fashion. Conceptualize and implement different types of fundraisers. Invite and host donors and alumni to Dream Project events and classes.

Recruitment Managers:

Responsibilities: Plan and conduct weekly Recruitment meetings. Oversee and support team members in implementing ideas to attract new mentors and help retain current mentors. Oversee recruitment tabling sessions, rent needed equipment, and purchase needed supplies.

Community Partnerships Managers:

Responsibilities: Oversee relationships with similar and complementary community partners. Expand the reach, value, and efficacy of Dream Project through relationships with other community programs. Respond to inquiries from community programs (CPs) via phone or email. Take event requests from CPs, prioritize, and upload. Work with committee members to ensure quality of mentors, quantities, and day-of logistics (U-Cars, room leads, etc). Attend community partnerships meetings as invited, requested, and based on necessity.

Events Coordinators:

Responsibilities: Facilitate and direct all major Dream Project Events held throughout the year with committees and sub-committees with different focuses. Ensure quality and benefits of Dream Project events to all parties. Facilitate development of events and proper timeline for each, depending on complexity. Events include Admissions Workshop Weekend (Autumn), Scholarships Workshop Weekend (Winter), and Live the Dream (Spring). Provide proper training and instructions for mentors participating in events. Ensure correct ratio of mentors to mentees for optimal event success.

9-10th Grade Outreach Leads:

Responsibilities: Develop curriculum and materials to educate 9th and 10th grade students about the accessibility of a higher education and provide them with a head start on making and preparing for post-secondary plans. Coordinate visits with 9th and 10th graders at partner schools. Train mentors who will be facilitating workshops on 9th/10th grade. Collaborate with Steering committee for assistance, connections, support, and feedback.

Public Relations Leads:

Responsibilities: Manages the Dream Project website and produces the program’s quarterly e-newsletter that is sent to all DP alumni, current mentors/leaders, donors, and community members.