UW Dream Project

A year in the Dream Project

Spring of junior year of high school

  • Acquire new cohort of students and meet students
  • Conduct new parent orientation meetings
  • Make sure students have taken the necessary classes for college admission
  • Make sure students are participating in extra-curricular activities
  • Choose some college possibilities
  • Prepare for the SAT/ACT tests
  • Find and research scholarships
  • Brainstorm personal statement topics.


  • Prepare for the SAT/ACT tests
  • Take an SAT/ACT prep class from EAN
  • Visit prospective colleges

Fall of senior year

  • Choose the colleges students will apply to
  • Gather necessary information and materials for each application
  • Fill out applications
  • Write personal statement(s) or essay(s)
  • Complete other written sections (short responses, activity lists, etc.)
  • Submit student applications
  • Start submitting scholarship applications

Winter of senior year

  • Complete and submit financial aid applications
  • Finish submitting applications to other colleges
  • Continue submitting scholarship applications

SpringĀ of senior year

  • Accept admission to the college of choice
  • Accept the financial aid award
  • Figure out how to pay for other expenses
  • Learn about and choose a housing option

Additional events

The Dream Project also conducts additional events throughout the year to build community, celebrate student success, and acquaint the high school students with the UW campus. Please see information on our events here.