UW Dream Project

Workbook & Forms

The following are rules that all users of the Dream Project Workbook must abide by:

1. The UW Dream Project Workbook, any edition, and any of its individual pages cannot be sold, regardless of profitability, to any individual. The workbook is meant to be a free tool at all times.
2. Only the individual and the organization for whom that individual works with have been given permission to use the workbook. Any passing on of the workbook or any of its contents need to be communicated back to the staff of the Dream Project.
3. When making copies of any pages, ensure that the copyright on the seam is visible on every page.
4. If content is used in a public space or incorporated into materials created by the individual or the organization, ensure that the UW Dream Project is acknowledged in written form as the source of the content.

Interactive Online Workbook:

You can follow the link below to see an interactive form of the workbook. Soon there will be instructions on how to use the interactive form.


Downloadable PDF Workbook:

For a more simple online version of the workbook, click HERE. To save the PDF to your computer, right click the page that comes up and select the “Save As…” option.

Worksheets from the Workbook:

Below are PDF samples of our student-created and maintained workbook (©UW Dream Project 2015). You can easily print these worksheets off to help plan for after High School. If you are interested in obtaining a hard copy of the workbook in-full, please contact us.

  1. Graduate High School— p. ix
  2. Learn about College & Prepare to Apply— p. x, xi
  3. Minimum 4-year college entrance requirements— p. xii, xiii
  4. Colleges I’m Considering & Applying to— p. xiv
  5. Apply to 2-year, vocational, technical schools or Military— p. xvi
  6. Apply to 4-year Schools— p. xvii
  7. Activities Outside the Classroom— p. xviii
  8. Organize your personal statement— p. xix
  9. Financial Aid & Scholarships — p. xx, xxi
  10. Transition to College — p. xxii
  11. Find a Job — p. xxiii