Dream Project

October 19, 2017

Shaping the Dream Project Website: Goals

By Geetika Mukkamala, Public Relations Lead

Goals for the Year
Our main goal this year is to reorganize and revamp the Dream Project website. We want to make it a functional space for community members, current mentors, prospective mentors, and most importantly our mentees to use to find resources. For community members and prospective mentors, we want to make the website the go to space to learn more about our organization, what we do, and the impact we’re able to have on our mentees and the benefits of being a part of the Dream Project. For current mentors, we want them to have a space to visit to find more opportunities for them and to reach leadership bodies. For our mentees, we want to create a portal to which they can access files related to applying to college, applying for financial aid, building a resume and cover letter, and more. We want the Dream Project website to be the place where all of these people can find relevant Dream Project information, updates, and resources.

Goals for Autumn Quarter
Autumn Quarter is now in full swing, and by the end of this quarter, we’d like to have the mentee portal up and running with various resources. We plan on marking the application deadlines for all major Washington State schools and community colleges as well as financial aid deadlines. In addition, we plan on providing a space for undocumented student to access resources. While we won’t be able to maintain an up-to-date space, we plan on keeping all the most relevant sites with the best information for them, so they know we have a space for them. We also will be recruiting a new member this Fall.

Integrating a Mentee-Centric and Racial Equity Lens
We introduced Dream Project’s new mission statement last Spring, and we have been working to integrate a mentee-centric and racial equity lens into all of our leadership bodies. As the Public Relations team, we’re doing this by making our website a more functional space for our mentees and incorporating resources that are applicable to the diverse students we work with. We want the Dream Project website to be just as much of a space for our mentees as it is for community members and mentors now.

If you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve the site, feel free to reach out to either Public Relations Lead:
Geetika: geetim@uw.edu
Fa’aumu: belsea@uw.edu