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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee meets once a week during the quarter to discuss topics set up by the Steering Committee and how to implement it into the program. Usually, the meetings are very specific to individual projects and are used to update all groups about program-wide decisions. The Planning Committee also comprises of the Steering members.


Class Leads: Elisa Tran, Luwam Alemayehu, Kelly Marlow, Rachael Sherman

Description: Plan and facilitate weekly lectures to prepare Dream Project Mentors for their weekly visits. Lecture topics include: mentorship, educational policy and various seminar issues.

Responsibilities: Attend meetings throughout the week to organize lecture and materials, rehearse presentations, create course syllabi, and read mid-quarter and final reflection papers. This position also includes coordinating guest speakers and researching course materials such as articles and readings related to education and education policy.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Kelly Marlow | kellym15@uw.edu | Mon 10:30-11:20

Rachael Sherman | shermanr@uw.edu | by appointment

Luwam Alemayehu | luwama@uw.edu | by appointment

Elisa Tran | elisalt@uw.edu | by appointment

Seminar Leads: Damin Ko, Kritin Vij, Will Kittel, Sarah Ast, Hannah Toutonghi, David Alvarez

Description: Plan and facilitate weekly lectures to prepare Dream Project Mentors for their weekly visits. Lecture topics include: international student mentor support, oppression through policy, students with a disability support, and freshmen dream scholar transition support.

Responsibilities: Plan and coordinate weekly seminar material and deliver it at weekly seminar meetings.

Damin Ko | daminko@uw.edu | by appointment

Kritin Vij | kritinv@uw.edu | by appointment

Will Kittel | wkittel@uw.edu | Fri 2:30-3:20

Sarah Ast | asts@uw.edu | Wed 1:30-2:20

Hannah Toutonghi | toutongh@uw.edu | by appointment

David Alvarez | davidalv@uw.edu | by appointment

Writing Credit Leads: Alex Quach, Jessie Zhang, Alison Cheung, Melissa Berry

Description: A writing credit lead will work with Dream Project staff to assess papers written by mentors to see if they are acceptable for W-Credit as established by the University.

Responsibilities: Writing credit leads must meet weekly for 1.5-3 hours to assess, grade, and vet papers submitted by Dream Project mentors. In addition to weekly meetings, leads must also work on their own time to read and examine writing done by mentors.

Contact Information:
Alex Quach | aaquach@uw.edu | by appointment

Jessie Zhang | jessielz@uw.edu | by appointment

Melissa Berry | mmb816@uw.edu | by appointment

Alison Cheung | awanying@uw.edu | by appointment

Class Lead Facilitator: Chloe Dolese, Katleiah Ramos

Description: Support both intellectually and with physical tasks the development of lectures for both the mentorship and educational policy mentor classes.

Responsibilities: Work with class leads on syllabi including weekly class schedule. Seek out class speakers to enhance classroom learning. Communicate frequently and clearly with class leads and rest of class support team. Utilize Steering Committee and Planning Committee for assistance, connections, support, and feedback. Generate weekly Sunday e-mails for mentors.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Chloe Dolese | cdolese@uw.edu | Tues 1:30-2:20

Katleiah Ramos | katleiahramos@gmail.com | by appointment only

High School Lead Manager:Karl Gapuz, Nic Lee

Description: The HSL Managers are ultimately responsible for ensuring successful implementation of the programs in the high schools, organizing High School Leads and ensuring that individual schools are receiving the support needed and are accountable for expectations.

Responsibilities: Set agenda and run weekly meeting with high school leads. Be a resource for troubleshooting any issues that arise with high school visits, within high school lead pairings, or any other type of problem. Communicate frequently and clearly with co-manager, high school leads, staff, and other leadership groups. Develop and model curriculum for the breakout component to class. Utilize Steering Committee and Planning Committee for assistance, connections, support, and feedback. Act as liaison for high school leads in other leadership meetings.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Karl Gapuz | kagapuz@uw.edu | Mon 1:30-2:20

Nic Lee | nwlee@uw.edu | Wed 2:30-3:20

9-10th Grade Outreach: Tessa Stephenson, Benjamin Siegel

Description: Work on developing curriculum that gets information to students earlier on about the accessibility of a higher education to all students, as well as prompting them to start thinking about their post-secondary plans.

Responsibilities: Coordinating visits with our 9th & 10th graders at our partner schools. and working to create a system of periodic visits that can eventually become a part of DP’s normal operations. Provide and develop curriculum, materials, and other operation related components. Train mentors who will be facilitating workshops on 9th/10th grade. Utilize Steering Committee for assistance, connections, support, and feedback.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Tessa Stephenson | tessas2@uw.edu | Friday 1:30-2:20

Benjamin Siegel | bsiegel8@uw.edu | by appointment

Advancement: Megan Whitman

Description: To ensure continued funding for Dream Project, oversee fundraising committee to steward donor relations and apply for grants.

Responsibilities: Run Fundraising committee meetings. Keep in contact with donors through appropriate channels. Search for grants to apply for and write thank you cards in a timely fashion. Think about and implement different types of fundraisers. Invite and host donors to Dream Project events and classes.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Megan Whitman | meganw19@uw.edu | Wed 11:30-12:20

Community Partnerships: Ann Nuguen, Maddy Savage

Description: Oversee relationships with similar and complementary community partners. Expand the reach, value, and efficacy of Dream Project through relationships with other community programs.

Responsibilities: Respond to inquiries from community programs (CPs) via phone or email. Take event requests from CPs, prioritize, and upload to DreamSIS. Work with committee members to ensure quality of mentors, quantities and day-of logistics (U-Cars, room leads, etc). Attend community partnership meetings as invited, requested, and based on necessity.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Ann Nuguen | atnguyen24@hotmail.com | by appointment only

Maddy Savage | maddygreen@comcast.net | by appointment only

Data Tracking: Kevin Li

Description: Dream Project is funded by people and organizations that would like to know how well Dream Project functions. This role is meant to find ways to accurately document our work and pass this information to potential and current donors.

Responsibilities: Keeping an eye all DP data that comes in. Innovate and create new ways to collect data and improve the collection process. Ensure all high school groups are entering data in a timely manner and notify high school leads if their school’s numbers are low (eg. Low FAFSA completion rate compared to other schools). Improve and suggest new ways to enter data into dreamSIS. Provide general data queries for other DP members for their projects or events

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Kevin Li | efawe@uw.edu | Mon 12:30-1:20

Publications Manager: Cierra Purdom, Kendall Watanabe

Description: To facilitate, receive, as well as create ideas for publications that DP is in need of and make them reality.

Responsibilities: Be the point of reference for new publications ideas and manages team so that these ideas become reality in a timely manner. Major projects include the workbook, recruitment materials, and event pamphlets/posters. Works with all mentors to make sure that their feedback is taken into account when working on new editions of publications. Manages all publications so that all material reflects the DP message and appears uniform. Should have a good knowledge of the Adobe CS6 suite.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Cierra Purdom | cpurdom@uw.edu | by appointment

Kendall Watanabe | knwat27@uw.edu | by appointment

Student Technical Director: Mitchell Harper

Description: The student technical director is responsible for the ensuring that technical and electronic systems used by the Dream Project are in good working order and serve to benefit the program.

Responsibilities: Responsibilities include composing bi-weekly emails to mentors, managing group and listserv assignment, maintaining the Dream Project website, maintaining and updating DreamSIS, and implementing other technical solutions as the Dream Project sees fit. The Student Technical Director also works with all leadership groups and members to ensure proper documentation and advertisement of work.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Mitchell Harper | mwh12@uw.edu | by appointment

College and University Partnerships: Chris DiTomaso

Description: Generate interest and follow-up on inquiries of universities, local and nationwide, that may want to start their own branch of the Dream Project. Work with other universities to help them replicate and establish a successful model of the Dream Project that would best fit their locale.

Responsibilities: Field inquiries from universities interested in Dream Project. Extend invitations to all Dream Project events, to further the learning process. Be available by phone, visit, or email for potential founders from other universities to come and observe. Follow-up with established Dream Project replicas (Rutgers, CSU, UW-Bothell). Ensure documentation of contacts and conversations with other institutions.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Chris DiTomaso | cdito@uw.edu | Thur 12:30-1:20

Campus Partnerships Manager: Maya Monroe, Brian Lim

Description: Oversee relationships with similar and complementary campus partners. Expand the reach, value, and efficacy of Dream Project through relationships with other campus programs

Responsibilities: Respond to inquiries from campus partners via phone or email. Facilitate introductions and inquiries to other organizations on campus. Take event requests from campus partners, prioritize, and upload to DreamSIS. Work with committee members to ensure quality of mentors, quantities and day-of logistics (U-Cars, room leads, etc). Attend campus partner meetings as invited, requested, and based on necessity.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Maya Monroe | mayrome@uw.edu | Thur 12:30-1:20

Brian Lim | limb3@uw.edu | Tues 2:30-3:20

Dream Project Scholar Support and Persistence Leads: TBA

Description: Follow Dream Project Scholars through college as well as find and promote campus resources at all universities to help scholars achieve success. Create events for Dream Project scholars that will help foster community and promote positive skills to help scholars be successful in higher education. Strengthen DP Scholar’s success in higher education by continuing to support and provide resources and community.

Responsibilities: Find resources at all universities where scholar’s attend and contact on Dream Project’s behalf (starting with Washington state schools). Create a way to deliver resources and tools to scholars in a way they will utilize. Create networks for all Dream Scholars going to the same university. Create events for Dream Project Scholars.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Human Resources Manager: Sara Hearn

Description: Speed up the process of finding new leaders within Dream Project and to make it as transparent as possible. Implement the hiring process of new staff members (Americorps, Director, Assistant Directors) when needed.

Responsibilities: Send emails, create interview processes, connect leaders to possible new leaders, make sure everyone has a smooth transition and a replacement when they need it.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Sara Hearn | shearn@uw.edu | by appointment

Recruitment/Retention Lead: Susie Dobkins

Description: Promote and generate interest in the Dream Project through various events and techniques. To begin each quarter with the proper amount of mentors to address the needs of our mentees.

Responsibilities: Plan recruitment tabling sessions, rent needed equipment, purchase needed supplies. Organize classroom advertisements. Prepare publications that will be used for recruitment. Implement creative ideas to attract new mentors and help retain former mentors.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Susie Dobkins | sdobkins@uw.edu | by appointment

Mentor Workshop Lead: Hannah Morgan

Description: Facilitate mentor trainings for new, first-quarter mentors and to provide a friendly, educational, and formal welcoming to new members of the Dream Project community.

Responsibilities: Book rooms, create agenda, order food, and recruit necessary volunteers to facilitate workshops. Make sure all risk regulation information is properly addressed during each workshop. Coordinate with full time directors to ensure all expectations met. Provide insightful overview of Dream Project and answer frequently asked questions.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Hannah Morgan | hmm8@uw.edu | by appointment

Dream Project Dialogue Lead: TBA

Description: Facilitate once a week conversations with members of the Dream Project and promote community within Dream Project and provide a safe atmosphere for idea sharing and innovative thinking.

Responsibilities: Plan, advertise, and book a room for each week of the quarter DPD will be hosted. Prepare a starting question, outline or theme to base discussion. Facilitate conversations and make sure each members voice is heard, record notes from DPD and bring these ideas to others within leadership.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Mentor Development: Ellen de Zoete

Description: Plan and lead leadership retreats for steering, high school leads, and any other member of Dream Project Leadership. Promote Dream Project leadership community, sharing of ideas, and familiarity with one another’s roles and responsibilities

Responsibilities: Plan dates well in advance and issue save the dates as well as secure the space. Create detailed agenda and objectives for the event. Work within budget to insure quality but fiscally responsible retreat.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Ellen de Zoete | ellendz@uw.edu | By appointment

Scholarship Selection Committee Lead: TBA

Description: Oversee the Live the Dream Scholarship Selection process and scholarship procurement. Secure scholarship funding for a minimum of one student from each high school Dream Project visits weekly as well as work with selection committee to designate scholarship recipients.

Responsibilities: Publish scholarship application and brief High School Leads on Scholarship application and host nomination forum. Cooperate with Fundraising team to secure scholarship funding. Assemble Scholarship Selection Committee. Collect Scholarship applications and ensure proper completion. Facilitate Scholarship selection committee meetings. Work with Events to ensure scholarship recipient attendance at Live the Dream. Continue to raise funding for scholarships.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Steering and Planning Manager : Miki Frank

Description: Steering Manager works to ensure that all leadership bodies and individuals are properly supported, informed, and held accountable on times each week, quarter, and year. Ensure effective communication between various bodies and individuals. Ensure that each leader is feeling supported and included with attention to position development and individual growth.

Responsibilities: Attend Steering and Planning. Read HSL meeting minutes. Create and manage agendas for Steering and Planning. Take and/or manage noted during S & P. Ensure that action items for individual groups are called out, put in notes, and revisited at every meeting until accomplished. Follow up informally with individuals about action items (email/in-person/text/etc.). Send out reminder emails/texts about group action items. Meet with leaders for various reasons: accountability, on-boarding, check-ins.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Miki Frank | mfrank22@uw.edu | by appointment

Events Lead: Alyssa Hatsukami

Description: Facilitate and direct all major Dream Project Events held throughout the year through committee and sub-committee assembly to host quality events for Dream Project that are beneficial to all parties.

Responsibilities: Create creative brief for each event Dream Project will host throughout the year. Facilitate development of events and proper timeline for each, depending on complexity. Oversee Admission Workshop Weekend (Autumn), Scholarship Workshop Weekend (Winter), and Live the Dream (Spring), Spring BBQ (Spring). Provide proper training and instructions for mentors participating in events. Ensure correct ratio of mentors to mentees for optimal event success.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Alyssa Hatsukami | hatsukami@gmail.com | by appointment

Blog Editor: Melissa Galloway

Desription: Managers the Dream Project Blog which is linked through the Dream Project website.

Responsibilities: Coordinate with the other leadership bodies to gather content for blog posts. Ensure the Dream Project Blog is kept up to date with fresh content and stories. Better connect the Dream Project’s work to the community.

High School Lead Coaches: Taylor Marlow, Thomas Phan, Daniel Lew

Description: Assist High School Lead Managers with specific pods of schools, ie. small, medium, large, saturation.

Responsibilities: Guide new HSLs through their leadership responsibilities and help them with their High Schools needs on a more personal level.

Contact Information and Office Hours:

Taylor Marlow | tmarlow7@uw.edu | by appointment

Thomas Phan | tphan92@uw.edu | by appointment

Daniel Lew | thedlew3@uw.edu | by appointment

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