UW Dream Project

May 6, 2017

Introducing the New Public Relations Leads

By Bryan Elsea and Geetika Mukkamala

Talofa lava (Hello),

My name is Bryan Elsea (preferred pronouns: they/them), and I am currently transitioning into the Public Relations role. I wasted no time and got involved in Dream Project my first quarter at the University of Washington. I became part of the program as a mentee at Technology Engineering & Communications High School, or TEC, and knew Dream Project was something I wanted to do to give back to both communities. Dream Project’s emphasis on equity and social justice gives me every reason to return each quarter, and I am excited to exemplify this in my Public Relations work.

PR lead Bryan Elsea

PR lead Bryan Elsea

Throughout the year, we will improve our website to deliver robust content for the benefit of the entire Dream Project community. Our student team literally grew by 100% to accommodate this. We value your relationship with the program and hope you will continue to stay engaged with us.

I am a first-year student majoring in anthropology and sociology with emphasis on diversity, social justice, and building communities. I frequent King County Metro’s trolleybus system and specialize in long-distance bus trips across the Puget Sound region. You can usually find me around campus with a cloak/cape. Check out my new blog at incognitotransit.org.


Hello! My name is Geetika Mukkamala, and I am currently transitioning into my role as a Dream Project Public Relations Lead. I got involved with Dream Project my first quarter here at UW. After attending an open house the day before classes started, I immediately registered for the program and have been mentoring ever since. I started as a mentor at TEC High School and moved on to Foster High School, and I am currently a mentor at Chief Sealth High School.

Geetika Mukkamala

PR lead Geetika Mukkamala

I fell in love with the program when I first heard about it and I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated being a part of this amazing community. It wasn’t hard for me to decide that I wanted to get more involved, and that’s why I’m here! I’m looking forward to curating content for our website and newsletter to inform the community about what Dream Project is doing and engage members to get more involved. 

I am currently a first-year student here at UW planning on double degreeing in psychology and social welfare. While I’m not at the Dream Project Center, you’ll find me tutoring with the Pipeline Project or walking around giving campus tours to prospective students. I’m looking forward to this next year, and everything that Dream Project will accomplish!