Dream Project is Hiring

We are excited to announce that the Dream Project will be hiring seventeen UW undergraduate mentors for paid part-time positions as Counseling Assistants for the pilot year of our Race to the Top grant. 

In September 2013, the Dream Project will be placing 17 college student mentors in eight partner high schools and/or middle schools to serve as Counseling Assistants for 10-12 hours per week, $10/hour. These Counseling Assistants will assist and deepen the work of the current Dream Project model and support counselors in targeting and supporting high school  and middle school students with multiple college readiness indicators. 

Counseling Assistants will provide support to the on-site High School or Middle School Counselor on matters related to High School & Beyond plans, absenteeism and tardiness, SAT/ACT/COMPASS sign-ups, and data collection. They will educate and mentor students on college credit requirements, financial aid processes, HB 1079, reach-solid-safety, and college applications, applying skills and knowledge gained as Dream Project mentors. Depending on the needs of the schools, CAs may lead workshops and presentations for students, parents, and school staff. 

Learn more and APPLY here through Husky Jobs. Work-study and non work-study applicants are welcome. One key requirement is that students MUST have been Dream Project mentors for at least 3 academic quarters. If you have questions, please email Jessica Hunnicutt with questions at hunnij@uw.edu.

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