UW Dream Project

Spring BBQ

Friday, May 5th, 2017

The first event Dream Project holds with its juniors, the Spring BBQ happens in May. Juniors from Dream Project’s partner high schools take a field trip down toUcHxJOg0c3ZSi-Ic3ABlXlFOF96fXTK9FEoHOj4BqDI,uRc_PUDPlwn4t5J4f2W7DZyb_L95lZlTUWcrMclS63U
 the University of Washington campus for a day. Students experience a tour of the campus from a Dream Team member and have a chance to visit a class and listen to a mock college lecture. For some of our students, this could be the first time they have been on a college campus. It can be exciting and inspiring for students to envision themselves at the UW or other colleges.

How can high school students participate?

Transportation is coordinated through each high school, and permission slips must be signed by parents or guardians to allow students to attend. Once on campus, Dream Project will provide food, tour guides, and information for the event to each student.

Event contacts

Jessica Hunnicutt