UW Dream Project

Spring BBQ

Spring BBQ is the first event Dream Project holds with its junior cohort. The event occurs annually during the first week in May. High school juniors from Dream Project’s partner high schools take a field trip to the the University of Washington–Seattle campus to experience a day in the life of a college student. During the event, high school students take a tour of the campus, experience a lecture from a faculty member, and are provided with a BBQ-style lunch and entertainment. It is our belief that it’s exciting and inspiring for students to physically visit a college campus and is an important part of envisioning themselves in college.

How can high school students participate?

Transportation is coordinated through each high school, and permission slips must be signed by parents or guardians to allow students to attend. Once on campus, Dream Project will provide food, tour guides, and information for the event to each student.

Event Contact

Morgan Lantz