UW Dream Project

May 4, 2017

Dream Project Scholarship Sees Changes this Year

By Advancement Leads

In an effort to make Dream Project’s annual scholarship awards more impactful for qualified incoming University of Washington students, Dream Project has recently made some important changes to the scholarship selection process. The Dream Project Scholarship is now a $3,000 award distributed equally across three quarters, with $1,000 per quarter. Eligible applicants must be a current or previous Dream Project mentee attending one of the three UW campuses (Seattle, Bothell, or Tacoma) beginning Fall Quarter 2017. In order to render it more accessible to underrepresented, low-income, and first-generation students, the scholarship has also been expanded to allow applications not only from current high school students, but also from community college transfer applicants. Further, applicants are required to provide a letter of recommendation from anyone whom they feel can fairly and accurately convey their qualifications for the scholarship. Because Dream Project mentees all have different levels of interaction with mentors, by allowing them to choose a recommender who can best represent themselves, regardless of this individual’s affiliation with Dream Project, we are better able to understand the individual story of each applicant.Dream Project Scholarships
This year’s scholarship selection guidelines and materials were also modified to ensure the review process was conducted in a fair and equitable manner. For example, in addition to the scoring rubric, reviewers were also provided with guidelines to help minimize the effects of implicit bias on their evaluations of applications. All submitted applications were evaluated across the four categories of leadership, community service/civic engagement, financial need, and ability to overcome adversity. The latter two categories were weighted more heavily during the review process to reflect the relative importance assigned to each category.