Getting Involved: the Education, Learning, and Society minor and the Diversity minor


Getting Involved is a new series for current Dream Project mentors who are looking for new ways to get involved with education, leadership, and mentoring during their undergrad at UW. Today, we’re featuring a post by Jamie Barnhorst, the Academic Advisor for the ELS and Diversity minors. Hi Dream Project Mentors, In the few short months… Read More

Low Income, High Potential


A few weeks ago, an article was published in The Atlantic claiming that many of the country’s “top-performing” students come from the bottom half or bottom quartile of income brackets. These students have a high potential to succeed in an intellectual environment, but without the academic support structure of their richer peers, they rarely apply… Read More

Lauren’s Story: Choosing the Right College for You

I grew up in Seattle, but when I was a freshman in high school, my family moved across the country to a small-town in Connecticut. So by the time I got to senior year, I was convinced that I would go to a small-town New England college. All my friends were applying to small liberal… Read More

Looking Forward: Teach for America


Looking Forward is a new series where we highlight various post-grad opportunities for senior mentors in Dream Project who want to stay connected to the world of education, leadership, and mentoring. This post is from Katherine Kleitsch, a Teach for America staff member and Dream Project alumn. Dream Project family! I’m like an old auntie… Read More

Reflections on an Era (An Ode to Matt Harris)


I just sat in on a meeting of a brand new group of leaders—our newest Steering Committee—and was so impressed by how deep their conversations were regarding sustainability of the program, learning and support among their college student leader peers, and innovations around our daily work. I couldn’t help but thinking about how much of… Read More

Kiley’s Story: Transferring from Community College


Like many high school seniors nowadays, I sat through my graduation ceremony in my cap and gown without a clue about my future. This is obviously not ideal; however, I barely graduated due to a debilitating illness that overtook my final year of public school. To put it simply, I was worn out and further… Read More

MLK Day of Service 2013


This year, a small group of Dream Project mentors participated in the MLK day of service, working at the Cheasty Greenspace in Beacon Hill. Our day began bright and early with the kickoff at the HUB, where we listened to various speakers commemorate Dr. King’s incredible life. We then traveled to the park in Beacon Hill,… Read More

Sam’s Story: Scholarship Junkies

SJ Logo_polaroid_outline

At the end of my junior year of high school, I underwent a nine-hour brain surgery to implant two electrodes into my brain. The reason: I had spent the previous six years of my life confined to a wheelchair, the result of a rare neurological movement disorder I developed after a severe ankle sprain suffered… Read More

Vote for the Dream Project FAFSA video!


As you are all probably aware, we have some incredibly talented peers here at the UW. We’ve already all seen the Ke$ha “Tik Tok” FAFSA video parody, but have you seen the Macklemore “Thrift Shop” FAFSA video parody? Brace yourselves for four minutes and nineteen seconds of awesomeness Not only is this video help us… Read More