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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to commonly asked questions. If your questions are not answered here, please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible!

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Who can attend?

All of our campus events are open to all high school students at no cost. Events at local high schools may have different attendance requirements. Please contact us for further details. If you wish to attend one of our campus events, please visit our events page for more info and to RSVP.

Where are events held?

Our annual events, Admissions Workshop Weekend and Spring BBQ, are held on the University of Washington–Seattle campus. Other events such as FAFSA nights and smaller CAE events may be held at local high schools. Please contact us for information about these events.

Is transportation provided?

For campus events, limited charter bus transportation is provided for our partner high schools. Please contact the high school lead of your school for more information. For students that choose to drive themselves to campus for events, parking fees are sometimes, though not always, covered; simply tell the parking attendant that you are attending a Dream Project event.

What is the cost to attend?

All events are free to all high school student attendees.

Is food provided? What about dietary restrictions?

Food is provided at all campus events, and dietary restrictions of any kind can be met if they are detailed when you RSVP for the event.

Handicap access?

There is handicap access to all buildings used for our events.

What should I bring?

For Admissions Workshop Weekend, if you have already worked on a personal statement or application, bring them with you. If you have a laptop, bring it. If you have a thumb drive or mechanism for saving documents, bring it. You can also bring other documents, such as financial aid documents/paperwork.

What if I can’t make the whole event?

You can come late or leave early to any event if you do not rely on Dream Project provided transportation.

High School Students

What if I want to attend community college and transfer later?

This is definitely a valid choice to get to a 4-year university. Taking this route requires planing ahead: be intentional about the classes you take at your 2-year college and check how well they transfer to the university you are interested in. Talk with your mentor about your plans or contact us.

How do I join Dream Project at my school?

If you are a junior or senior at one of Dream Project’s partner schools, talk to your guidance counselor about how to get involved, or contact the High School Leads for your school here.

What do I do if there is no Dream Project at my school?

If Dream Project does not have an official partnership with your school, you are still welcome to attend our events. Check here for upcoming events to RSVP to.

You are also encouraged to utilize other resources at your school, such as your guidance or career counselor. Register for SAT prep courses, apply for the FAFSA in October, and visit our scholarship pages.

Another great resource are the Road Map to College events. Check out the events at your school or other schools in your district.

What can I expect when I attend a Dream Project meeting?

At every high school visit, anywhere between 10 and 60 UW college student mentors come to a meeting place at your school (typically a library or computer lab) to meet with the students that attend. As you get to know your college mentor, you will talk about your plans for after you graduate and how to achieve those goals.

This will involve conversations about preparing for and taking the SAT, selecting colleges, applying to colleges, finding funding for college, and developing resumes and skills for jobs after high school. You can also expect a snack of some sort at every Dream Project visit.

What is the Dream Project workbook?

The workbook is designed and edited by undergraduates and is a tool to use to guide you through the college application process. Using the workbook does not guarantee acceptance to any college, but will be a significant asset as you organize your plans post-graduation. You can view the workbook here.

What is the Live the Dream Scholarship?

Each year, the Dream Project has given a scholarship to at least one student from each of our partner schools. Last year, we gave out scholarships for $1,500 each. In the future, we hope to increase the amount of money given to each scholarship recipient. The scholarship is given to students who participate in the Dream Project, plan to attend the University of Washington in the fall, and demonstrate financial need. To learn more, students can talk to their High School Leads at a Dream Project visit.

What about when I get to college?

Stay in touch! Your mentor wants to help you find your feet on campus, and will be available to answer your questions if you just reach out. If you attend the University of Washington, we encourage you to join the class and become a part of our 300+ student community on campus!


What is the cost to students that participate in the Dream Project?


Media release?

By signing and submitting an intake survey, you are agreeing to authorize the University of Washington Dream Project to use your student’s image in publications or advertisements. If you do not wish to provide this release, please contact us here and we will be glad to work this out with you.

Does the Dream Project guarantee acceptance to a college?

No. The Dream Project is not affiliated with any admissions department and cannot guarantee acceptance to any college. However, our goal is to support students through the college application process and increase their overall chances of being accepted to a college or university.

By participating in Dream Project, is my student required to attend the University of Washington?

No! We know that the UW is not the best fit for every student, so we encourage students to pursue schools that will meet their interests and needs best.

My student isn’t a junior or senior yet, what can DP do to help them?

Bring your student to a campus event. We can talk with them there about how to prepare for college as a 9th or 10th grader. In general, we encourage students to stay on top of their grades and get involved in extra-curricular activities (sports, student clubs, etc.) to make them more appealing to colleges when they apply.

How are mentors chosen and trained?

All our mentors go through a background check before participating in the program, and attend a mentoring workshop before visiting high schools. All mentors also participate in weekly lectures and breakouts to maintain knowledge of their skills and responsibilities as mentors of high school students.

How are you funded?

We are funded primarily through grants and donations, with some support from the University of Washington. All mentors are volunteers, so this helps our program be affordable.


How do I sign up?

Go here for more information! You can participate on a quarterly basis as a volunteer or receive 2 credits by registering for EDUC 260 and EDUC 369 through MyUW.

Do times include transportation?

Yes, all times on the UW Time Schedule include transportation to and from the schools.

Is transportation provided?

Yes! All mentors going to the same high school carpool together every week from a meeting place on campus. Contact your high school leads for information on where this meeting place is. If you’re a driver for Dream Project, check out this great video!

Quiz section is full on MyUW

The caps on our quiz sections (EDUC 369) are set based on the number of high school students that we will likely be available to work with at the school you’d be visiting during that time. We try to adhere to those caps as much as possible, to ensure that you will be working with a student and you get that full experience.

If the visit you are interested in is full, please consider visiting another school that still has a need for mentors. If none of the open visits seem to fit your schedule, come by our office in Mary Gates Hall (MGH) 274 and ask about scheduling; many of our visits offer an “early car” back to the UW that can get you back in time for a class that would normally overlap with the visit time.

Can I earn extra credit?

Yes! By visiting two schools for an entire quarter or attending a large number of extra events, you may be eligible for a third credit (an extra EDUC 369). Email uwdpclass@uw.edu for more information.

Can I earn writing credit?

Unfortunately, at this time the Dream Project does not offer any writing credit options.

Can Dream Project fulfill my service learning requirement?

Yes, by volunteering with the Dream Project, you can satisfy the service learning requirement for other UW courses. If you wish to receive credit from the Dream Project as well as that course, you can participate in extra visits or attend more events that quarter. Email uwdpclass@uw.edu for more information.