UW Dream Project

Dream Project courses

The Dream Project is both a unique non-profit and a course unlike any other offered on campus. Students receive two credits for their participation in the Dream Project for participating in weekly visits to high schools, submitting reflection papers and assignments, and participating in one of our weekly lectures and breakout sessions.

The lectures that make up Dream Project are split into two larger lectures and two-three rotating seminars all of which are taught by undergraduates in the Dream Project.

Our EDUC 260 class for first quarter mentors covers fundamentals of mentorship, social justice, and college access. Our EDUC 360 class for returning mentors continues these topics and supports mentors in deepening their thinking about mentorship and social justice, while also going more in depth on educational policies and specific student populations. The EDUC 361 seminar topics range from supporting mentees with disabilities to incorporating an anti-racist framework into our mentoring. See sample syllabi for our classes.

These EDUC 260, 360 and 361 classes are each 1 I&S credit and must be taken concurrently with the service learning credit, EDUC 369. If you have questions about the course curriculum or need assistance registering, please email uwdpclass@uw.edu.

If you are interested in attending our class or have suggestions for topics or guest speakers, please contact us.