The Dream Project is both a unique non-profit and a course unlike any other offered on campus. Students receive two credits for their participation in the Dream Project, for attending weekly visits to high schools, submitting reflection papers and assignments, and participating in one of our weekly lectures.

The lectures that make up Dream Project are split into two larger lectures and two-three rotating seminars all of which are taught by undergraduates in the Dream Project. While one of the larger lectures focuses on mentoring methods specific to the population of students we work with, the other discusses legislation that can affect the students we work with as well as reviewing student circumstance scenarios that most of our mentors may not be familiar with. The seminar topics range from supporting past mentees that are now attending the University of Washington to incorporating  an anti-racist framework into our mentoring.

Sample syllabi can be found here. If you are interested in attending our class or have suggestions for topics or guest speakers, please visit our contact page.

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