UW Dream Project

May 6, 2014

Mentee of the Week – Andrey Guaio

My name is Andrey and I’m currently a high school senior that’s set to go to college next year. As a student, I’ve always been taken academics seriously. Since my freshman year of high school, I’ve set a goal to do my best academically and socially so that I could be prepared for the college application process and of course, going to college. I focused on my classes and grades, I decided to volunteer as my main extracurricular activity, and whatever opportunity I thought was golden for me to take, I would take it. If a club caught my interest, I would get involved, such as I did for the Key Club and Vietnamese Club. Through these clubs and extracurricular activities in my high school career, I’ve met so many wonderful people and I’m fortunate to call many of them as friends.

“The aim of education is not of knowledge, not of facts, but of values.”

– William S. Burroughs

When the time came for me to begin the college application process, I was apprehensive. Although I was already preparing for it throughout my earlier years in school, I still had fears and doubts about myself. “Did I do enough for colleges to be impressed?” “Will I be good enough for my dream university?” “What if I don’t get in?” Thoughts such as these surged through my mind all throughout the end of fall and all winter of my last year in high school. In addition, I also didn’t know much about college and how it all worked. Thankfully, Dream Project provided me guidance during the college application process so that I would feel ready to tackle anything college related. They’ve provided help so that I would be able to plan my future after high school and it made the process so much easier due to the helpful mentors.

Now, because of all the guidance, advice, and help from my mentor, Melissa, I feel ready for college. My fears are no longer as strong as they were before, and instead of being afraid of what the future holds for me, I’m extremely excited. The college application process is now over, and I’m certain about where I’ll be going next year. I’m so grateful for Dream Project because the program has helped me so much to make this happen. I was also very fortunate for having such an awesome mentor for being always ready to help, for putting up with me, and for always encouraging me! She’s an inspirational role model that I admire and hope to become in the future.

Senior year isn’t over yet, and although I’m done with the college application process and almost done with high school, another journey will begin soon. Before college, I still need to make sure that I finish my high school career strong. I’m going to enjoy every moment I have as a senior, and make the most of the days that I have left.