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February 25, 2014

UW College of Education Job Created Just for DP Mentors!

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The UW College of Education would like to attract and recruit as many DP mentors and their friends as possible into their teacher education programs. They have found that former mentors are excellent candidates for their Masters Degree programs and that they make AMAZING teachers. 
So, they created a STUDENT HOURLY JOB just for current mentors who are planning on becoming a teacher themselves. This “Dream Project Liaison” would spread the word about the Masters in Teaching programs that the College of Education offers and recruit all of our amazing mentors to apply to their programs. More details of how it would work are in the attached document. 
It’s a PAID job, $11/hour, 30-40 hours per quarter (so like 3-4 hours/week). They would love to recruit current Juniors or first-year Seniors, but they are flexible and open to figure this out as we go. 
Job Details
Dream Project Recruitment Liaison Team, UW College of Education:


UW Educator Preparation programs are

focused on equity and academic excellence.

Our graduates make a difference in the lives of children

every day. 


Liaisons will receive $11/hour and work between 30 and 40 hours a quarter.

The positions start Spring quarter 2014 and will continue through Spring quarter 2015.


Application Requirements and Process
Please submit a letter explaining why you are interested in the position and your resume to Kevin Hatch at tepinfo@uw.edu. Please put Dream Project Liaison in the subject of the email.

Applications are due by March 10, 2014. Interviews to follow. 

Position Summary

The University of Washington College of Education (CoE) is seeking four Dream Project Recruitment Liaisons to serve as part of the CoE Recruitment Team. Recruitment Liaisons build awareness of educational inequity and opportunities to participate in equity-focused professional educator preparation in the UW College of Education. Recruitment Liaisons partner with the recruitment team to identify future educators and inspire top students to apply for graduate preparation programs. Recruitment Liaisons’ receive hourly compensation and are expected to initiate and participate in recruitment activities approximately 30-40 hours during the quarter. Schedules are flexible and determined in partnership with the recruitment team leadership. Liaisons enhance their professional skills in networking, marketing strategies, and communication while gaining a deeper understanding of how the College of Education and its partners work together to address educational inequity through professional preparation.


Educator Preparation in the College of Education

The College of Education has a variety of preparation programs at the elementary and secondary levels. All students work toward a residency teaching certificate and a masters degree. More than half of our students leave with endorsements in multiple areas. Each program has a slightly different focus. Some of our students spend most of their time in a classroom setting, while other programs have more of a balance between courses and field-based learning. Some of our programs are focused on learners with special needs, while others focus on more typically developing learners, or English language learners or a combination. 

Did you know?  The University of Washington College of Education is ranked #12 in all Universities in the U.S.  You can make it even higher!



What sets us apart?  All of our programs…

Focus on poverty-impacted schools –

Today’s reality of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and high-poverty schools demands radically new educational approaches. We bring expertise, experience, empathy, and inventive thinking to the task, generating ground-breaking ideas and acting on them – swiftly.


Highlight field-based learning –

Our students work with P-12 learners every quarter. Throughout our programs, students learn subject-specific methods, often in the field – faculty and P-12 teachers work side by side. Our world-class faculty ensure all of our students master the connection between theory and practice.


Rely on community expertise –

We work closely with school, parent and community partners to ensure that our students can identify and utilize community assets and resources to meaningfully support P-12 learning. 


Foster professional community –

Our students build learning and professional networks with their colleagues, faculty, university coaches and school-based mentors. Students become part of the teaching team in their placement schools to develop the professional skills necessary to enter the teaching field on a track to life-long learning. 



·      Learn about the CoE educator preparation programs in order to talk about them knowledgably with fellow students

·      Identify opportunities to talk about CoE programs with fellow students in the Dream Project, in undergraduate classes and student organizations throughout the year

·      Participate in high-visibility marketing, publicity, and social media campaigns to ensure CoE programs maintain a strong presence on campus, which may include creating and hanging posters and flyers; tabling in high-traffic areas; guiding potential students to the CoE recruitment website; acting as a go-to team for fellow student’s inquires about the CoE programs; and identifying new opportunities to reach students.

·      Identifying and reaching out to top students on campus throughout the year, including students of diverse backgrounds and majors


Education and Experience

·      Applicants for the Dream Project Liaison positions should be in the Junior year at UW, be Dream Project Mentors and plan to return in Fall 2014.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

·      Strong interpersonal skills

·      Experience with public speaking

·      Strong organizational skills

·      Eagerness to work behind the scenes to support ambitious goals

·      Record of achievement in academics, leadership, and/or employment

·      High level of initiative and personal responsibility

Education inspires.  Check out the opportunities the UW College of Education offers!