UW Dream Project

January 25, 2014

MLK Day of Service

MLK day of service 2014
By Elisa Tran
On Monday, a group of Dream Project and Pipeline Project members spent the morning beautifying the grounds of the Richard Hugo House in the heart of Capitol Hill.
The Richard Hugo House is a nonprofit organization that offers writers of various skill levels a place to improve upon their works through their classes and workshops. The house also holds events throughout the month to showcase these local talents. Macklemore has even read some of his work there!
The small number of staff is so busy coordinating the many activities and events for the writers and community that, as a result, there isn’t enough time to upkeep the grounds around the house. This is where us volunteers came in!
Throughout the morning, volunteers tackled a variety of tasks, from raking fallen leaves and sweeping the sidewalks to painting over the graffiti-covered walls, from trimming branches to preparing patches of soil for new vegetable gardens. In between collecting bags of leaves and shoveling dirt, volunteers got a chance to bond, laugh at the weird things found in the bushes, play with Brutus the pug, and enjoy the sun.
Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?” By serving others, we are able to better our community and ourselves. In doing so, we discover gems like The Richard Hugo House, which provides so many learning opportunities; it’s an outlet for self expression for so many individuals and continues to add to the diversity and creativity of our beloved Seattle.