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AWW Roundup

AWW 2013

By Will Kittel, AWW Guest Relations Co-Lead

November 16th-17th, we held our annual Admission Workshop Weekend (AWW). As you know, AWW is one of the Dream Project’s biggest events, where high school seniors from around western Washington come to work on their personal statements and college applications.

This year had an amazing turnout. I mean, look at these statistics:

  • Over 500 students came over the weekend.
  • 58% of the students made significant progress on their personal statements.
  • 62% of the students strongly believed AWW was a good use of their time.

Not to mention this amazing response from one of Saturday’s students:

“I liked that it was free admission, very open, and that there were a ton of resources available. The tutors were very nice and expressed honest opinions about my writing. It definitely helped me a lot to received constructive criticism on my essays. If I knew how good this session was going to be, I would have asked a lot more seniors at my school to come. I think I was the only senior from my school that attended this event today. I would definitely promote it to students who need help with college admissions in the future.”

AWW was a huge success for the high school students, but it was also a success for us mentors. It couldn’t have happened without the amazing event leads, Charlene Hsia and Alyssa Hatsukami; Dream Project’s staff; the AWW committee leads (which yours truly was a part of); and OF COURSE the mentors. Our teamwork and dedication is what made AWW go so well.

So, thank you all! I hope you all enjoyed AWW as much as I enjoyed having a hand in planning it.

Here’s to next year’s AWW! :D

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  1. Melissa Brown says:

    AWW was such a great experience. I am so glad I was able to be a part of it! The Dream Project mentors are such great people. That picture of the whole group is so cute! Look, there I am in very the front. :)

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