UW Dream Project

October 22, 2013

DP at the Dawg Dash

By Sydney Peterson, Auburn High School Lead

On Sunday, Dream Project had a handful of mentors participate in Dawg Dash. Some of them ran the 5K, others ran the 10K, but they all had an awesome time. I had the pleasure of setting up, running, and breaking down the table to promote Dream Project on Red Square.

Dawg Dash 1

Manned with a few hundred fruit snacks and chewy bars, a ton of pamphlets, and a tent to keep us dry, Lindsay and I greeted hundreds of people as they ended their race. Most of them were hunting for free food or candy, but there were a surprising number of people who stuck out and genuinely wanted to learn more about our program.

I thought being at Dawg Dash was a great success; not only was it a fantastic way to have the community learn more about us, it was also a great bonding event for mentors. I really hope that Dream Project invades Dawg Dash again next year!

Dawg Dash 2