UW Dream Project

May 25, 2013

Getting Involved: UW Impact


By Courtney Acitelli, UW Impact Program Director

It’s no surprise that we at UW Impact feel such a connection with the Dream Project, as we share a core value:

We believe that every student has the right to higher education.

This core value, the idea that pushes everything you do, is also ours. We, too, believe that higher education should not be an option for only a few – and that we all ultimately benefit from a public system that is affordable and accessible to all students.

What does UW Impact do?  We provide resources for UW alumni and friends to advocate for state funding for the UW and higher education. You each have fantastic stories to tell – real stories – about the transformational power of the college experience.  At UW Impact, we believe legislators need to hear more of those stories, and we want to give you easy, effective ways to tell these compelling personal narratives.

We’ve been honored to get to know the Dream Project over the past few months.  We’ve sponsored the Dare to Dream event, hosted Madhu, Matt and others at a UW Alumni Association Board meeting, and have had the recent opportunity to speak in front of Dream Project classes.

How can you get involved with UW Impact?

If you have a few minutes:

  • Like UW Impact on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you can receive the latest information and action updates.
  • Try UW Impact’s online advocacy tools – send a message to your legislators with just one click (we supply the talking points – or create your own). Visit our “Take Action” page to get started.
  • Learn the legislative hotline number (800-562-6000) and the number of your legislative district, so you can call your legislators to advocate for specific legislation and funding. Find your district here.

If you have more time:

  • Sign up to become a District Dawg – an official advocate on behalf of UW Impact. We’ll call on you when we need specific messages delivered to your legislators.
  • Host a community conversation in your home with friends and neighbors who care about higher education – we supply the speaking points!
  • Join a Legislative Advocacy Committee meeting, held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. in the Washington Commons, to learn about current issues and goals.

We deeply admire the Dream Project’s ability to encourage students to see college as a real, viable option – and then to fearlessly pursue that option.  Let’s make sure our public colleges and universities are there for them when they’re ready. We hope you will join us in keeping the public in public higher education.

For more information, visit our website, call 206.853.3455, or email our intern, Jessica Cafferty, at jcafferty@uwimpact.org.