UW Dream Project

March 5, 2013

Looking Forward: The UW College of Education

Getting Involved is a new series for current Dream Project mentors who are looking for new ways to get involved with education, leadership, and mentoring during their undergrad at UW. Today, we’re featuring a post by Aurora Flores from the UW College of Education.

So you’re wondering if education is the right path for you.

Great to hear it’s on your mind! The University of Washington’s College of Education is a great place to start. A graduate degree in Education isn’t just for teachers; there are so many areas in Education that you are bound to find a great fit! We offer Master’s and Doctoral programs in areas having to do with counseling services, testing and assessments, developing curriculum for multicultural students, educational policy, bridging the gap between communities and schools, special education students,  college students, student athletes, and many more! And of course we have fantastic programs for those interested in teaching as well, including the brand new Seattle Teacher Residency Program. Like undergrad, graduate school also offers several opportunities to be involved in student life with student organizations and plenty of social, academic, and professional development events throughout the year. If you are interested or just want to chat about options please feel free to contact me at: recruit@uw.edu.

Here are some tips for thinking about graduate school straight from faculty and staff at the COE:

–Graduate school is all about “FIT”. Make sure you explore the area or field you feel you most align with because this is what you will specialize in. And don’t be afraid to contact faculty with questions about their work.

–Experience is always valuable! This helps you narrow down where you can really see yourself professionally. Internships, gap year programs, and part/full time jobs are great for this!

–Find a mentor who is a professional in the field you can see yourself in. They can help you navigate the process of applying to graduate school with their wisdom. And they can provide a recommendation for your application.

–Use you resources! I work for the Office of Minority Recruitment and Retention and we are always happy to help students throughout their application process- we will even edit your goal statements! Most schools will offer supplemental services; do not be afraid to ask. DREAM Project can also be a resource to you to get in contact with professionals in the field of education.

Best of luck!

Aurora Flores

M.Ed. Candidate, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Graduate Staff Assistant, Office of Minority Recruitment and Retention
College of Education