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March 1, 2013

Introducing the College Greenlight Scholarship Marathon

The post below is from Krystina Bryiones, the Community Outreach Manager for College Greenlight

We believe that all students deserve to attend a college that will allow them to succeed to their fullest potential. Finding that college, however, can be challenging for students how don’t have easy access to effective college admissions support and resources. College Greenlight’s goal is to make it simpler for first generation and underrepresented students to explore, attend, and afford their dream college.

By providing a unique variety of free search and profile tools for students, counselors, and community-based organizations, we connect students with colleges that match their character and abilities, greatly increasing their chances of success in school and after. We encourage students to look beyond basic admissions requirements and focus on factors such as social fit and support programs. We also provide resources, publish articles, and create events to help students fund college by highlighting special scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

Our latest event is the upcoming College Greenlight Scholarship Marathon, which will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2013, from 10am – 10pm CST.

We all know how important it is to apply for scholarships, but unfortunately many students do not take the time to do so. The Scholarship Marathon is a perfect opportunity to take charge of your scholarship search alongside the College Greenlight community.

The Scholarship Marathon is an online event, which allows students and counselors to join us for however long they’d like! However, keep in mind that you must have computer and internet access to join us for the marathon.

Participating students must have a completed profile on our website.  Filling out a profile is free, and gives each student access to our incredible scholarship database. You can start your student profile simply by visiting collegegreenlight.com and clicking on the red button.

For any student interested in participating in our upcoming Scholarship Marathon, here’s how it works:

Before the big day:


Click here! You will be directed to our Facebook event page where you can click to join the marathon.


Prior to the big day, take some simple but important steps to prepare your scholarship applications. Identify which scholarships require essays so that you can start them early! Finally, collect any information that might be required for your scholarship applications, including the following: transcripts, test scores, names and contact information for references, and a list of official club or after-school program affiliations.


We will be updating our Facebook, Blog, and Twitter with tips, scholarships, and advice for participating students throughout the month of February. Make sure you are getting all the help we have to offer!

The day of the Scholarship Marathon:


On the day of the event, log on to Facebook, and head over to our page. All throughout the day, we will be posting updates, sending encouragement, and announcing prize winners from our Facebook page! Students will also have the opportunity to chat with the College Greenlight team to get advice on how to search our database for scholarships, or ask us any other questions they might have throughout the day.


By logging into your College Greenlight student profile and clicking on the “My Scholarship List” tab, you will find a huge list of scholarships that have been matched specifically for you.


For each scholarship application you complete, send evidence of the completed application (via screenshot, digital photo, or completed application receipt) to info@collegegreenlight.com, accompanied by your name, CBO affiliation (if you have one), and telephone number. These photos will serve as raffle tickets.


We will be holding hourly raffles for participating students. Winners will receive gift cards that can be used for college expenses, textbooks, or furnishings for their future dorm rooms.  We will also be awarding one participant a $1,000 College Greenlight Scholarship Marathon Scholarship!

We hope you’ll join us for the Scholarship Marathon, and that you are excited about spending a day applying for scholarships in a supportive, encouraging environment!

–Krystina Briones
Community Outreach Manager
College Greenlight