Getting Involved: the Education, Learning, and Society minor and the Diversity minor


Getting Involved is a new series for current Dream Project mentors who are looking for new ways to get involved with education, leadership, and mentoring during their undergrad at UW. Today, we’re featuring a post by Jamie Barnhorst, the Academic Advisor for the ELS and Diversity minors. Hi Dream Project Mentors, In the few short months… Read More

Low Income, High Potential


A few weeks ago, an article was published in The Atlantic claiming that many of the country’s “top-performing” students come from the bottom half or bottom quartile of income brackets. These students have a high potential to succeed in an intellectual environment, but without the academic support structure of their richer peers, they rarely apply… Read More

Lauren’s Story: Choosing the Right College for You

I grew up in Seattle, but when I was a freshman in high school, my family moved across the country to a small-town in Connecticut. So by the time I got to senior year, I was convinced that I would go to a small-town New England college. All my friends were applying to small liberal… Read More

Looking Forward: Teach for America


Looking Forward is a new series where we highlight various post-grad opportunities for senior mentors in Dream Project who want to stay connected to the world of education, leadership, and mentoring. This post is from Katherine Kleitsch, a Teach for America staff member and Dream Project alumn. Dream Project family! I’m like an old auntie… Read More