UW Dream Project

November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

I am thankful for the Dream Project. For all the wonderful mentors, scholars, leaders, and educators that I have had the opportunity to meet.

I am also thankful for BREAK! Are you with me? This glorious four-day weekend couldn’t come at a better time. Mentees, you have been working so hard on your college applications, we can see the effort and the progress with every visit, email, and text message. I hope you guys take time this weekend and just relax. Yup, I’m telling you to turn off your computers, put down your books, and just relax. It’s so important to take time to take care of yourselves in this crazy hectic season.

Then maybe on Sunday, or next week, pull up your applications again, read over the edits on your personal statement, and charge towards the finish line with renewed energy. You got this, we believe in you. The first applications are about to be due and you are going to ROCK THEM :)