UW Dream Project

October 29, 2012

Welcome to the Dream Project Blog!


My name is Lauren and I am a mentor in the UW Dream Project . . . and this is our blog! I came up with the idea after searching for law schools, and discovered that the Stanford Law School Admissions Counselor writes a regular blog. Her posts were so heartfelt and funny, and I found myself feeling temporarily soothed as I stared in the face of what is an otherwise terrifying law school application. I loved the opportunity to get a glimpse into her head. And I thought, wait a second–we should do this!

We should write a blog for mentors, our high school students (we call them “scholars” and “mentees”), donors, parents, and anyone else interested in the work we do. We could draft posts that are interesting and informative, hoping to provide even more resources. We could scour our class of over 500 mentors for people who express themselves best through writing, who have had unique or hard or incredible experiences, who have stories that need to be heard. We could have guest bloggers post about special areas of interest. We could have spotlight posts from students at other colleges. We could put up reminder posts about events, demystifying what exactly we mean when we say “come to AWW!” We could write whatever it is you need us to write. And we hope to do just that.

Because here’s the thing: we love you. So much. We mentors, we love the heck out of our mentees. We love our fellow mentors, and our leaders, and our supporters. The best part about Dream Project, in my opinion, is that we will do absolutely anything in our power for our mentees. Once, one of the mentors went up to the Dream Project staff members and said that she thought more students would come to events if we provided transportation. So we got buses. We borrow SAT books. We stay up late editing personal statements. We make phone calls to find out information. We drive back to the high schools after visits are over to support our mentees at games and concerts and talent shows. Our mentees know that Dream Project visits are a safe place they can bring any questions, and we will do absolutely everything we can to bring them answers. And in return, we get those incredible phone calls and text messages: “I got in!!” One of my mentees applied to UW Tacoma last year, and she was accepted. When I got the text message, I started to cry, I was so proud of her. She had worked so hard, I had seen it first hand, and now here she is: a college freshman.

With this blog, we hope to provide more support. More love. And more answers.