Where can I find funding to help make my classroom, school, or program more accessible?

Date Updated

DO-IT's Northwest Alliance for Access to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (AccessSTEM) provided funding to help make classrooms, schools, and programs more accessible for students with disabilities in the Northwest region of the United States.

K-12 educators from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska whose students participate in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities were eligible to apply for an AccessSTEM minigrant. The minigrant program provided funding to purchase adaptive materials, technology, and/or curriculum needed to fully include students with disabilities in STEM courses and programs. Additionally, educators could apply for funds to defray the costs of attending conferences and trainings to learn about assistive technology and teaching strategies that promote the full inclusion of students with disabilities in STEM courses.

The ultimate goal was for minigrants to promote the success of students with disabilities in STEM academic and career fields. For examples of minigrant projects that were funded, consult the DO-IT Knowledge Base articles Captain Strong Elementary: A Promising Practice in Engaging Students with Learning Differences and Classroom Performance System: A Promising Practice in Engaging All Students.