What are Governors' Committees on Disability and Employment and what do they do?

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Each governor in the United States has a committee that works with them to develop strategies to promote the employment of people with disabilities. Each committee works to create statewide effective use of rehabilitation programs and highlight best practices for hiring and promoting individuals with disabilities. Sometimes subcommittees are created to address specific barriers experienced by job seekers with disabilities such as accessible transportation, application materials, and work environments. Some committees provide guidance to the governor about work incentives and entitlement programs that affect employment decisions.

The Job Accommodation Network, a free consulting service designed to increase the employability of people with disabilities, has created a list of contact information for Governor's Committees in each state.

For more information about hiring and promoting individuals with disabilities, consult the DO-IT Knowledge Base articles Why should a company hire a person with a disability? and What checklists can employers use to assess their ability to accommodate employees and customers with disabilities?