Summer Study 2002 - DO-IT DOES IT AGAIN!

Thursday, September 5, 2002

Year after year for the last decade Scholars have descended upon the University of Washington campus, hungry for new experiences and ready to take on the rigorous DO-IT Summer Study schedule.

"Many days this year were non-stop from seven in the morning to ten or eleven at night." noted DO-IT program manager Sara Lopez. "Somehow, the Scholars made it through the challenging days with energy to spare!" That extra energy was put to good use at the DO-IT Tenth Anniversary Party, a high-paced scavenger hunt, and a dance at Gould Hall.

And just what filled up all of those "challenging" days? According to Michael Richardson, DO-IT program coordinator, "If it's related to science and computer technology, we did it. Computer labs, hi-tech tours, sophisticated projects... and lots of emails!".

Scholars also visited the Human Interface Technology Lab, did mock surgery on a sheep heart, heard from a career panel, worked on their resumes, learned about applying to college, and participated in mock job interviews with local Human Resource professionals.

"Projects for second year Scholars were awesome!" said Scott Bellman, DO-IT program coordinator, "They included consulting with the National Parks Service on access issues, understanding advanced computer algorithms, completing software usability tests, and thinking about ways in which humans interface with computers."

When asked the secret to the success of Summer Study, the Director Sheryl Burgstahler simply said, "Great kids + great could we lose?"

The DO-IT Web site includes a description of Summer Study 2002, the 2002 schedule, and the DO-IT Scholars program .