Additional AccessSTEM Team Mentors

* Sean Barrett
Mobility impairment
Region Manager
Rehabilitation Services Administration

* Kevin Berg
Cerebral palsy
Disability Related-Nonprofit Director

Anindya Bhattacharyya
Supervisor of Technology Department
Helen Keller National Center

* Karen L. Braitmayer
Osteogenesis imperfecta
Architect, Business Owner
Studio Pacifica

Belinda Brandon
Retired Research Economist

* Ben Brynildsen
Learning disability
Career Advisor

* Wendy Chisholm
Senior Accessibility Strategist

* Rebecca Cory
Learning disability
Manager of Disability Services
North Seattle Community College

* Frank Cuta
Electrical Engineer
Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs

Don Daughtry
Visual impairment
Assistant Professor, Counseling
University of North Dakota

Imke Durre
NOAA National Climatic Data Center

* Kathryn Finton
Myasthenia gravis
Biomolecular Structure and Design
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

John Gardner
Professor Emeritus, Physics
President and CEO
ViewPlus Technologies

Kajari Ghosh Dastidar
Software Developer
University of Iowa

Marni Goldman
Spinal muscular atrophy
Education Director for Science Research
Stanford University

* Steve Harper
Cerebral palsy
Student and Web Developer

* Roger Harris
Stroke, kidney failure
Associate Professor Emeritus, Retired
Biological Structure, School of Medicine
University of Washington

Mamoru Iwabuchi
Associate Professor
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
University of Tokyo

Joshua Lessing
Ph.D. Candidate, Physical Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

* Sara Lopez
Program Administrator and Lecturer
Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership Program
University of Washington

Robert F. McKellar
Spina bifida
Author of An Accident of Birth, Educator, and Counselor

Jennifer Mundl
C1-ventilator dependent, quadriplegia
Assistive Technology Specialist
Courage Center Rehabilitation Facility

Bruce Parks
Hearing impairment
School Improvement Coordinator
Vermont Department of Education

Tracy Peterson
Mobility impairment
Computer Science and Spanish Major
Southwest State University

* Ed Pottharst
Neighborhood District Coordinator
City of Seattle

Sally Richards
Workforce Specialist: Disability Program
Northwest Employment and Training Center

* Michael Richardson
Assistant Director/Counseling Services Coordinator
Disability Resources for Students
University of Washington

Keith Routley
Park Ranger

* Greg Smith
C-5 quadriplegia
Software Design Engineer

* Carole Snyder
Cerebral palsy
Software Developer Engineer

Keith Stegbauer
University of Washington

Vicki Stemper Allen
Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator

Val Sundby
Disability Services Coordinator
Clover Park Technical College

* Aimee Verrall
Research Coordinator
Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center
University of Washington

Vasanth Williams
Software Engineer

Paul Zaveruha