AccessSTEM Team Postsecondary Members

AccessSTEM Team members at partner schools—UW, BC, and SCCC—learn about STEM programs and careers, complete challenging internships, and other work-based learning opportunities, engage with Mentors, participate in workshops, and attend networking and social events. The bios that follow represent some of the many postsecondary AccessSTEM Team members. In order to promote on-site interaction, students who are currently enrolled at or are recent graduates of AccessSTEM partner schools are marked with an asterisk (*). Team members not affiliated with a partner school also share college, graduate school, employment, and disability-related perceptions, experiences, and expertise through electronic discussions and other events. In addition, eighteen SPS high school students engage in AccessSTEM e-mentoring and project activities.


Hi. I'm Brandon. I am in my third year at Rochester Institute of Technology where I plan on earning a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. I enjoy math, science, and computer aided design, which is architectural and engineering design software. I am hard of hearing and have attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which makes it hard to concentrate. I also have dysgraphia, which makes it difficult for me to write. I write best on a computer. I like to play video games, design things on the computer, and hang out with friends.


Hi, I'm Brittany. I am a junior at Rochester Institute of Technology where I am majoring in clinical psychology. I enjoy the study of criminology (my minor) and analyzing different types of art (such as film or books). I am hard of hearing, have mild cerebral palsy, and a neurological disorder called mitochondrial disease which, coupled with the cerebral palsy, can be very draining and tiring. I enjoy reading, playing video games, browsing the Internet, and spending time with animals and friends.


My name is Yomara. I attend the UW. My disability is spinal muscular dystrophy type two, which is why I use a wheelchair. My goal is to be a published author or practicing psychologist. I expect to graduate with my bachelor's degree in 2014.

* Ryan

Hi. I am Ryan. I work for the U.S. government as an information technology specialist with a focus on Section 508. Currently, I am training to be an assistant Section 508 coordinator at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I graduated from the UW with a bachelor's degree in political science. I have benefitted from AccessSTEM support since 2002. AccessSTEM supported my work as a technical intern at the UW Access Technology Center. I have participated in many AccessSTEM activities, including networking events, the Web Accessibility Training program in 2009, and UW Workforce Recruitment Program events, which are managed by AccessSTEM staff.

* Yolanda

Hi. My name is Yolanda. I'm a junior at BC, where I am studying animation and business. I expect to graduate in June 2012, and I hope to work at Walt Disney. In my free time I like to read comics and learn about graphic design. I enjoy engaging in AccessSTEM and participated in the 2010 AccessSTEM Web Accessibility Training at BC.


Hi, my name is Laura. I have a traumatic brain injury. I'm a senior majoring in secondary education and math at Seattle University. I am active in the AccessSTEM e-mentoring community and networking events.

* Masele

Hi. My name is Masele. I am training to work as a unit coordinator in the health industry. This position requires computer skills, which I am developing through BC and AccessSTEM. I would like to see programs in the health-care workplace that include more staff that face challenges. When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time with my family; working on arts and crafts projects; and learning about other cultures, traditions, and arts. I participated in an AccessSTEM-sponsored Web Accessibility Training at BC in 2010 and other AccessSTEM workshops.

* Kayla

Hi! My name is Kayla. I attend BC and City University where I am earning credits that will transfer to the UW. I am interested in disability studies and psychology. I have benefitted from AccessSTEM since 2005. I now serve as a member of the A-Team, a small group of student leaders that help direct and implement AccessSTEM efforts. I participated in the 2009 AccessSTEM Electrical Engineering Lab-called "Sounds You Can See." Last year, I worked as an accessible technology intern in the AccessSTEM project. I currently have a job as a student assistant in the DO-IT office.

* Christopher

Hello all! My name is Christopher. I am a senior at the UW, and I am studying environmental science and resource management. I am applying to the UW College of Built Environments' Community, Environment, and Planning program and hope to pursue a double major. I expect to graduate in June 2012, and I would like to have a career in the sustainable community planning industry. I work as a sports marketing intern for the UW's athletic department. I help with game day promotions of sporting events and focus on increasing fan attendance in all of the UW's athletic programs. AccessSTEM facilitated my 2010 computing internship at InterConnection. Fortunately, I will be returning to it in 2011.

* Christopher

Hi. My name is Christopher. I recently graduated from BC, where I received a certificate in desktop publishing for print and web. I also have a degree in journalism from Western Washington University. I just finished a technical design internship, and I am job hunting for a position in design. I benefited from an AccessSTEM-sponsored Web Accessibility Training at BC in 2010. I like to travel, read, and study history.

* Katrina

Hi. I am Katrina. I will graduate in the spring of 2012 from the UW, with a major in global studies and a minor in human rights. I am interested in a career in disability rights or intelligence analysis.

* Erica

Hello everyone! My name is Erica; I have Erb's palsy on my right arm. I am a freshman at the UW. I am super excited to be attending college! I am interested in studying oncology and becoming a doctor someday. I began participating in AccessSTEM in 2008. I love tennis; it is my absolute favorite sport in the entire world!


Hey everybody! It's me, Maria. I am a junior at Western Washington University in Bellingham, where I started a new club on campus called the Student Coalition for Immigration Rights (SCIR). In SCIR we are dedicated to bringing awareness to the community about the struggles of U.S. immigrants. Our goal is to help them obtain a higher education and build a better future through workshops and community involvement. I will continue my work with people and advocate for their rights through my double major in law diversity with a justice concentration and Spanish. I plan to one day go to law school and become an immigration lawyer.

* Ella Mae

Hi. My name is Ella Mae (a.k.a. Ellamaniac). I will graduate this spring from BC with an associate's degree in animation and graphics. I hope to work in web animation, marketing, or advertising to gain real world experience and build my portfolio. My graphics and animation portfolio is at Currently I do a variety of projects for the BC disability resource center and organize service opportunities for BC clubs. I participated in an AccessSTEM-sponsored Web Accessibility Training at BC in 2010, and I also worked as a game design artist intern. In my free time, I enjoy live music, including punk and the Seattle Symphony. I also play piano and guitar.

* Ian

Hi. My name is Ian. I have a mobility impairment. I am a senior at the UW where I study applied and computational mathematical sciences. When I fist joined AccessSTEM in 2004, I completed an internship at Microsoft as part of the Microsoft High School Intern Program. The year after that I worked in the UW's Universal Benefit from IT (UBIT) Lab. I participated in the UW Workforce Recruitment Program, which is managed by AccessSTEM staff. I am interested in a career in software engineering, website development, or other computer-related occupation.

* Archana

Hello, my name is Archana. I am a senior at the UW, and I will graduate June 2011 with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and biochemistry. I am looking for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. I like outdoor activities and adventure. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2010.

* Russell

Hi. My name is Russell. I am a freshman at BC. I'm still exploring career options. Right now I think I would like to work in law enforcement or be a lawyer. I enjoy video games, driving my car, and racing dirt bikes. I have Asperger's syndrome. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2008.

* Katherine

Hi. My name is Kate. I recently completed my doctoral studies at the UW in computer science and engineering. My thesis is titled Understanding and Supporting the Adoption of Assistive Technologies by Adults with Reading Disabilities. My passion for reading was what drew me to this topic. As I learned more about the social aspects of disability, I found myself engaging in advocacy efforts and even came to realize that my depression and anxiety issues were disabilities. Since I earned my Ph.D., I have been a member of the AccessSTEM A-Team. I enjoy identifying new activities and recruiting and mentoring younger students. I am looking for a post-doc position in educational research. My goal is to become a professor in an education department, teaching about the various intersections of disability, literacy, and technology.


Hi, my name is Caleb, and I have a visual and mobility impairment. I attend Western Washington University where I am studying human services.

* Matthew

Greetings! My name is Matthew, and I'm a senior at the UW. I earned my first bachelor's degree in cinema and TV from the University of Southern California in 2002. I am now working towards my second bachelor's degree in aquatic and fishery sciences. My current internship, which is funded by AccessSTEM, is in a research lab. My research involves diseases of marine invertebrates. I hope to begin graduate school after I earn my science degree. I would like to work in disease diagnostics, environmental health, and toxicology. AccessSTEM staff helped me arrange housing for a new research internship this summer at the Dow Chemical Company.

* Daniel

Hi. My name is Daniel. I am a junior at the UW. I have only one finger on each hand, but this does not stop me from doing anything. I enjoy math; playing the trombone, soccer, and basketball; making movies; and hanging out with my friends. I joined AccessSTEM in 2006 while I was in high school. AccessSTEM has been a good experience for me, and I think I will continue to learn a lot from it. I participated in UW's Workforce Recruitment Program, which is managed by AccessSTEM staff.


Hi, my name is Samantha. I have a physical disability and am a student of applied mathematics and psychology at the University of Texas at El Paso.


Hi, my name is Matt. I attend Spokane Falls Community College, and I hope to become a network security analyst. I have a mobility impairment.


Hello, my name is Alisha. I am deaf. I'm in my senior year at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., where I am majoring in biology. Someday I hope to work in biological research. I like to visit local museums and learn about Alaskan biology. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2005.

* Scott

Hi, my name is Scott. I have Asperger's syndrome. I earned bachelor's degrees in political science (political economy) and history at the UW. I am currently attending graduate school at the UW. I joined AccessSTEM in 2004 when I was finishing high school. Since then, I have worked as an AccessSTEM technical intern and at a defense contract management agency. Now I am working at the UW's Access Technology Center.

* Justin

Hi, my name is Justin. I attend the UW where I am studying chemistry. I have a mobility impairment. I swam for the U.S. at the Paralympics in China. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2010.

* Jasim

Hi, my name is Jasim. I graduated last year from BC with an associate's degree. Currently, I am working towards earning a certificate in web design, which I expect to finish later this year. Then I plan to transfer to a four-year school. I enjoy creating music, editing videos, and designing websites, which uses my HTML and design skills. I participated in the AccessSTEM Web Accessibility Training at BC in 2010.


My name is Dylan. I have left-side hemiplegia, which primarily affects my left hand and arm. I attend Skagit Valley College on South Whidbey Island. I'm planning on transferring to one of three universities—UW, Southern Oregon University, or Western Washington University. I hope to work with sound, lights, and video in some way, whether it be in theater, movies, or music. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and using the computer for Internet, chatting, and music.

* Monica

Hi, my name is Monica. I am a second year student at BC, where I am majoring in civil engineering and minoring in mathematics. Once I earn my associate's degree, I plan on transferring to the UW. At BC, I am a member of the engineering club, and I work as a statics-engineering, mathematics, and chemistry tutor. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2010.

* Anna Marie

Hi. My name is Anna Marie. I earned an associate's degree in information systems from BC last year. I also have a .NET programming certificate and a bachelor's degree in communications and broadcasting from the University of Northern Iowa. Since graduation, I am learning how to create accessible websites and attended the AccessSTEM Web Accessibility Training at BC. I am currently completing an AccessSTEM internship to create an accessible website for a local deaf-blind service center. I am passionate about information technology, and I get excited about programming, databases, and technical support. I also enjoy mentoring younger students through the AccessSTEM e-mentoring community. My dream job would be an information technology position where I could make an impact on the accessibility of technology for people of different abilities. I believe that one motivated person has the ability to change the world.

* Julie

My name is Julie. I work for AccessSTEM to support students in their pursuit of challenging careers and work-based learning opportunities. I have a spinal cord injury and use a manual wheelchair. I grew up in northern California, and traveled my way up the coast, stopping in Eugene, Oregon to obtain a degree in psychology at the University of Oregon, before moving to Seattle in 2001. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, kayaking, camping, and trying new restaurants.


Hi, my name is Robert. I'm in my junior year at Washington State University where I am majoring in electrical engineering. I expect to graduate in the spring of 2012. I would like to work in communications. My disabilities are anxiety, depression, and ADD. My interests include traveling and mountain bike riding. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2009.


Hi, my name is Daniel. I have dyslexia. I graduated from Western Washington University, and I plan to earn a master's degree in mechanical engineering. I am a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I completed an AccessSTEM internship in engineering at the UW.

* Lisa

Hi, my name is Lisa. I am a graduate student at the UW School of Forest Resources. My studies focus on the impact of climate change on the functionality of tropical hymenopteran parasitoids (bees and wasps) as biological control agents of pest species in Coffea arabica (coffee). In other words, I chase insects through steep, muddy coffee fields. Although most of my field work is based in Costa Rica, I've also worked in Kenya as a field research assistant examining how elephant disturbance of forested habitat affects the arthropod prey of an endangered bird species. More locally, I assisted with a U.S. Corps of Engineers study examining the role of freshwater fish predation upon salmon fry. My other recent work includes field studies examining both temperate and tropical insect biodiversity in agro-ecosystems. Through AccessSTEM funding, I am working as an intern in a UW biology lab examining the DNA and hormonal profiles of endangered species. In 2011, I was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship.


Hi, my name is Brian, and I'm a freshman at Edmonds Community College. I enjoy technology, and I would like to study video game development.


Hi. My name is Collin. I attend Shoreline Community College on a soccer scholarship and would like to transfer to a four-year school. I am interested in becoming involved in politics after I graduate from college. I have dyslexia.


Hi, my name is Shaun. I have low vision, and I attended Spokane Community College. My interests include conservation and wildlife.

* Emily

Hi. My name is Emily. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2008 while I was finishing high school. I am enjoying classes at BC. I started learning American sign language last year! I love science, but at this time have no idea where that will take me. Being a student with dyslexia and dysgraphia has proven challenging, but I find college to be a lot of fun. I participated in the AccessSTEM Summer Electrical Engineering Lab "Sounds You Can See" in 2009. The lab was taught by an associate dean of the UW College of Engineering. I am a member of the National Ski Patrol, and I also enjoy rafting, hiking, biking.

* Alysa

Hi. My name is Alysa. I have chronic musculoskeletal pain. I recently graduated from BC with a degree in chemical engineering, and I am continuing my studies at the UW. I am interested in nanotechnology and would like to have a career working with medicine and biomedical devices. Outside of school, I enjoy the outdoors, crafting, and keeping a planted aquarium. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2010.

* Keiro

Hi. My name is Keiro. I'm a student at BC majoring in digital gaming and hope to someday work in the gaming industry. I enjoy editing and creating games. I have a learning disability, ADHD, and autism. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2010.


Hi, my name is Cole. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in earth science from the University of Ottawa (Ontario, Canada). I earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2009. My prime academic interest is determining the different factors that cause volcanic eruptions around the planet. I'm currently writing my thesis on the Obsidian Dome near Long Valley, California. Other academic interests include the interplay between geology and society when it comes to preparing for geologic hazards and geoscience education. I would like to work as a research geologist or a geoscience educator. My non-academic interests include civil aviation, hiking, rock climbing, table tennis, and visiting science museums. I am a high functioning autistic. I've engaged in AccessSTEM since 2005.

* Leon

Hi, my name is Leon, and I have cerebral palsy. Currently, I am in my second year of graduate school at the UW's Information School where I am studying library and information science. AccessSTEM funded my library science research internship at a local public library. I also completed an internship at the LEAP program at the Seattle Public Library. I recently started working as a publications editor at the UW Disability Resources for Students office. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2005.

* Prince

Hi. My name is Prince. I'm a junior at BC and plan on transferring to UW by the end of the year. I'm studying software engineering. One day I look forward to working for Google, Microsoft, or Boeing and making a positive difference in this world! I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2010.


Hi, my name is Vanessa. I have cerebral palsy and am pursuing a two-year degree in computer technology at Walla Walla Community College. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2004.


I'm Andrew. I am a senior at the University of Portland (UP), majoring in Spanish and criminal justice with a certificate in social justice. As a student at UP, I play soccer for the Portland Professional League as goalkeeper. I created, developed, and run the International House, the largest of three academic theme houses on campus. I am a member of the Spanish Honors Society and studied abroad in Spain last year at the University of Granada. Upon graduation from UP, I plan to attend graduate school at the University of Maryland, furthering my pursuits in criminology and criminal justice.

* Alexandra

Hi, my name is Alex. I'm a UW research scientist focusing on next generation sequencing technologies and applications. I am visually impaired as a result of Stargardt's disease, a genetically linked, juvenile form of macular degeneration. I joined the AccessSTEM Team during my senior year in high school. I earned a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from the UW. AccessSTEM has helped me secure multiple internships in biological research. Project staff also helped me find an informational interview at a company called Seattle Biomedical and hired me to deliver presentations. I also completed an internship funded by a NASA Space Grant and worked as a UW biochemistry Teaching Assistant. My hobbies include crafting, painting, skiing, hiking, Rock Band, and playing the guitar.

* Chris

Hi. My name is Chris. My expertise is in database development and data analysis. I have recently completed a certificate in database development at BC, and am looking for an internship opportunity. My work experience includes designing and implementing desktop database systems and networked data warehouses, application interfaces, training, and documentation for numerous industries and functions such as inventory, personnel, accounting, scientific, engineering, statistical, receivables, client accounts, web resources processing, and tracking systems. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2010. I learned about accessibility issues in an AccessSTEM funded Web Accessibility Training at BC in 2010.

* Sean

Hi, my name is Sean. I am a freshman at the UW. I would like to study computer science or informatics and work in the field of accessible technology. As a member of the AccessSTEM A-Team, I develop the project activities website and help with activities and events. I like playing guitar, boating, driving, and camping. I am an Eagle Scout, and my project was to create angled stretching platforms that I donated to Seattle Children's (hospital). I have Becker muscular dystrophy.

* Nate

Hi. My name is Nate. I attend BC. My learning disability has been a challenge but, at the same time, it has made me aware of the labels we put on people. Our differences make us very special people in life! Love who you are. Be what you want to be. Life for me is discovery with an open heart to hear and learn. I am thankful for, blessed by, and learn from those around me. There is something that everyone and everything in life has to offer. I have many goals in life, but try doing one thing at a time with accuracy. AccessSTEM has helped me by providing work-based learning experiences and tutoring.


Hello. I'm Marco. I attend Highline Community College, where I am majoring in chemistry and minoring in biology. Once I earn my associate's degree, I plan to go to the UW and earn a bachelor's degree in biochemistry. I hope to work in the chemistry field, perhaps in pharmaceutical research and biotechnology. I have a new-found passion in software programming and design so I might minor in computer sciences. I also enjoy learning more about chemistry, botany (especially exotic and tropical flowers), and software design. In my spare time I like to visit museums, parks, and libraries. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2008.


Hi! My name is Chris and I attend Pacific Lutheran University. I enjoy studying history and the sciences, especially animals and space. My favorite type of music is country music, and my favorite country group is Lady Antebellum.


Hi, my name is Brandon. I have hemiplegia. I earned a master's degree in psychology at the University of Puget Sound.

* Raney

Hi, my name is Raney. I study network services at BC and expect to earn my associate's degree this spring. I also have a degree in library and information science from the UW. Last spring, AccessSTEM funded an internship for me at the Rose International Fund. Last summer, I worked as an intern in Washington, D.C. at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. My dream is to go back to D.C. and work for the Smithsonian. In my free time I volunteer at the Northwest Folklife Festival, play harmonica and violin, and folk dance.


Hi. My name is Scott. I am interested in math and physical education. I have a learning disability called dyspraxia, which makes it hard for me to take notes when instructors are speaking or writing, so they make a copy of those materials for me. I attend Skagit Valley College. My career goal is to be a park ranger, because I like the outdoors and I like working with my hands. I enjoy tennis, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, hiking, cross-country running, hanging out with friends, and playing games.

* Erik

Hello! My name is Erik. I earned my bachelor's degree in psychology from Seattle University, and I am now studying web multimedia authoring at BC. AccessSTEM funded an internship for me at an organization called RISE and my participation in a Web Accessibility Workshop in 2009. I enjoy developing websites, reading science fiction, and making people laugh.

* Megan

Hello! My name is Megan, and I'm a student at BC pursuing an environmental science and marine biology degree. In the future, I would like to work with endangered species and environment preservation. I joined AccessSTEM Team in 2007. I learned about web accessibility at an AccessSTEM-sponsored training at BC in 2010. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and staring at my two pet frogs named Wallace and Gromit (Gromie).


Hi. I am Nate. I have a learning disability that affects my reading and writing. I use technology as an accommodation whenever I can. I attend California State University, Chico, majoring in information systems.


My name is Annemarie. I have cerebral palsy and usually use a motorized wheelchair. In 2009, I graduated from the University of Portland with a major in English and minors in Spanish and political science. After taking a little break, I jumped back into the realm of academia rather than the real world and am currently a first year law student at Willamette University College of Law. I'd like to study international humanitarian rights law. My interests include tutoring, reading, cooking, baking, playing board games, traveling, hanging out with good friends, and good food.


Hi, my name is Nathan. I attend Shoreline Community College where I am working on my associate's degree with plans to graduate this spring. I have completed two certificate programs in writing and directing and digital movie making. My interests include communications and marketing. I would like to work with organizations on their communications efforts. In my free time, I enjoy taking pictures and visiting local museums.

* Dorothea

Hi, my name is Dorothea. I recently graduated from the UW, majoring in biology and Norwegian. I am very active in the environmental community, and I hope to work with environmental policy in the future. AccessSTEM supported an internship for me at the Sierra Club of Washington in 2009 and at the Army Corps of Engineers, Regulatory Division in 2010.


Hi. My name is Kristin. I attend Whatcom Community College. My career goals include working in the archeology or mental health field. I like reading, traveling, hanging out with friends, and playing with my three dogs and my rabbit, Puck. I have dyslexia.


My name is Nohemi. I am a student at Yakima Valley Community College, where I am pursuing an associate's degree in computer science. Once I graduate, I would like to transfer to Washington State University, or to Heritage University and earn a bachelor's degree in computer engineering or programming. My dream is to work for Microsoft or Boeing.


Hello everyone, my name is Heather! I plan on graduating in June from the UW with my bachelor's degree in anthropology with an emphasis in medicine and global health. I am also minoring in chemistry and political science. Being ADD I have extreme difficulty with testing; especially in the sciences where small distractions pull me away from complex chain computations and anxiety reduces words into black ink. However, I am tenacious, and plan to graduate with honors. As a single mother and veteran of the U.S. Air Force, I had to work hard for my education. It's so wonderful to learn, I can't help wishing I could get five other degrees too! In my free time, I enjoy volunteering. Recently, I have been a volunteer at the UW Surgery Center as a general aid in pre- and post-operations, and also at Warren G. Magnuson park's nature development/preservation project. In 2007 my AmeriCorps team and I received the St. Francis Humanitarian of the Year award for our work with the homeless. I also enjoy sports and have played with the Fat-Sox intramural team for two seasons and the UW Women's Rugby team for one season.

* Moha

Hi, my name is Moha. I am working towards a bachelor's degree in medical engineering. I am very interested in public health and working in the medical field. I recently moved to the Northwest, and I enjoy the weather as well as attending the theater and visiting local museums. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2010.

* Noah

My name is Noah. I am a senior at the UW and am studying political science with a focus in disability studies. I am involved with DASA (Disability Advocacy Student Alliance), which is a group of students who promote advocacy at the UW and provide a social setting for students with disabilities. I joined the AccessSTEM Team when I was a junior in high school. AccessSTEM funded two internships for me as a production assistant at the Bellevue Boys and Girls club and an organization called Status Fallen. I am an active member of the AccessSTEM A-Team, a small group of students that promote activities and recruit new members. I listen to music, go to concerts, and am on the Island Records Street Team. I enjoy playing basketball and video games, and attending events around Seattle. My disability is cerebral palsy.


Hi, my name is Jesse. I graduated from Goshen College with a degree in computer science. I recently finished a year of volunteer work in San Francisco with the Tenderloin Technology Lab where I taught unemployed and under-employed adults how to use a computer. I am now working as a software developer for a software consulting company in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I am not at work, I enjoy photography and taking advantage of all the great things to do in San Francisco.


Hello, my name is Eric. I'm studying engineering at Tacoma Community College. I hope to transfer to a four-year school in 2011 and study aerospace engineering. My interests have always been aligned to the heavens, and I plan to work in the commercial space sector someday. Last summer, I interned at Tethers Unlimited in Bothell, which contracts with NASA for research in advanced space technologies.


Hi, my name is Mike. I have Asperger's syndrome, and I am pursuing associate's degrees in computer animation and photography at Shoreline Community College.

* Carson

Hi, I'm Carson. After graduating from the UW, I moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue internships in the media industry. My current job involves analyzing website user behavior for a news magazine's website. If anyone is interested in a career in new media, I'm happy to be a resource. I joined the AccessSTEM Team when I was a senior in high school. AccessSTEM helped me get some great internships (e.g., a computing internship at NASA and a program assistant internship at the USDA Forest Service).


Hi, I'm Kaitlin, but everyone calls me Katie. I attend Washington State University where I am pursuing a degree in business accounting. I enjoy anime and playing video games.

* Nathan

Hi, my name is Nathan. I am a senior at the UW and am majoring in anthropology. I am interested in video game design and user interface development. I am also very interested in cultural and ethnographic studies. I expect to graduate this spring. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2009.


Hi. My name is Wesley. I graduated from high school and plan to begin my college studies at Lower Columbia College. Someday, I hope to be a psychologist working with children or families. I use a wheelchair to get around because I have quadriplegia. I appreciate when people ask me questions directly instead of asking my nurse. I enjoy watching Dr. Phil and reading.


Hi, my name is Garrett (Bud), and I have a visual impairment. I graduated from Gonzaga University in Spokane, with degrees in economics and math. I am currently enrolled in a doctoral program in finance at the University of Southern California. AccessSTEM helped me apply to ENTRYPOINT, which resulted in an internship at NASA. I have also interned at Boeing in the cost management department, and at NOAA, which is an AccessSTEM corporate ally.


Hi, my name is Sara. I am a junior at Evergreen State College studying to become a clinical psychologist. I am involved with the campus disability club and the assistive technology lab. I love to write stories and read poems. I have a visual impairment.

* Senait

Hi, my name is Senait. I have health and vision impairments. I am a senior at the UW. I originally joined the AccessSTEM project when I was in high school. I am currently working with AccessSTEM staff to set up an internship in medical anthropology at the UW. I spent time in Ethiopia working in local hospitals as an independent study.


Hi, I'm Steven. I received my bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Arizona. I am currently working for an Internet marketing firm. I compete in wheelchair track, and I had the honor of representing the United States at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics where I competed in the 400m, 800m, and marathon. I have my eyes set on the 2012 London Paralympics.

* Ryan

My name is Ryan. I recently earned a degree from the UW in environmental sciences and technology. My senior year I studied in Washington, D.C. I enjoyed the dynamic environment and learned about how things operate in government, focusing specifically on human rights and foreign policy. I feel fortunate to have had this firsthand experience. Currently, I am a volunteer for the Northwest Harvest at the downtown Seattle food bank. This has been a rewarding and eye-opening experience. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2010 to network among my peers. I enjoy the outdoors and attending concerts with my family. My activities include bike riding, bi-skiing, flyfishing, and traveling.


Hi. My name is Brianna. I attend Cascadia Community College. After I earn my associate's degree, I hope to transfer to a four-year university. I would like to work with children with special needs. I have cerebral palsy; I can walk, but sometimes I use a wheelchair. I also have some visual and hearing impairments. I use Pidgin Signed English to communicate in large crowds or in a classroom. In my spare time, I enjoy bowling, horseback riding, reading, and knitting.

* Phillip

Hi, my name is Phillip. I am a student at BC and plan to graduate with a degree in digital gaming this spring. I like creating textures and making character models. I have dyslexia and it's always a challenge to process written material. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games and learning how to play the electric guitar. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2010.


Hi, my name is Daman, and I am a senior at Western Washington University (WWU) majoring in business administration and management of information systems and minoring in Internet resource creation and management. My goal is to work in project management at an information technology company. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2006. I am the president of Access Web, providing IT accessibility and disability advocacy services. I also work as an IT specialist remotely for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where I am working on PDF accessibility and Section 508 compliance. This past summer, I returned to Washington, D.C. and interned in the Chief Information Officer's office at NASA headquarters.


Hello, my name is Heidi. I have Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. This spring I will graduate from Cascadia Community College. I have been published several times, and I am a Phi Theta Kappa member. I have also worked as an intern in the NOAA library. I have been a member of the AccessSTEM Team for two years. In my free time I like to read, hang out with friends, and listen to music.

* Matthew

Hi, my name is Matthew, and I am a sophomore at the UW. I am pursuing a degree in computer science and a minor in mathematics. I am fascinated by computers and am an avid gamer. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2010. I hope to work in the robotics field. In 2009 I was able to attend an AccessSTEM-sponsored event on the UW campus called Microsoft Mentoring Day. I got to meet several employees from Microsoft and talk to them about their career. In 2010, I participated in the UW Workforce Recruitment Program, which is managed by AccessSTEM staff. I also participated in an AccessSTEM Web Accessibility Internship in 2011. Currently I am looking for an internship in the computer field. I have a circulatory condition and a factor V Leiden deficiency.

* Carolyn

Hi, my name is Carolyn. I am working on a transfer degree at BC so I can attend Eastern Washington University. I would like to work as a laboratory technician or forensic scientist and a film and television composer. I play the clarinet, and I enjoy analyzing film scores. I have a communication/delayed learning disability, which means I have difficulty interpreting new information. It takes a few days for me to understand a particular topic, like math. It can be frustrating at times since I'm then behind everyone in learning, but if I take my own notes, then it seems to work and I can quickly catch up with everyone. I joined the AccessSTEM Team in 2009.