AccessSTEM Student Leaders

A number of active AccessSTEM participants were formalized into a student advisory and action group called the "A-Team." The A-Team is charged with validating potential activities at partner schools from the perspective of STEM students with disabilities and to help design, schedule, and implement them. A-Team meetings are facilitated by the project PI and project manager. Project staff discuss reports from the A-Team and—based on their consistency with project goals, what is known about evidence-based practices, past experiences in this and earlier projects, and project objectives—some are recommended for consideration by partners.

Some activities of the A-Team include:

  • Evaluating labs on partner campuses to make accessibility recommendations.
  • Providing leadership for student contests and events.
  • Conducting student recruitment in disability services offices at the start of a term.
  • Provide assistance with partner campus resource dissemination.
  • Maintain the AccessSTEM Activities and Events website.
  • Hanging flyers on partner campuses to promote the project.
  • Contributing content for newsletters and project products.
  • Sending information about scholarships and internships to AccessSTEM Team members.
  • Delivering presentations at college classes and campus workshops.
  • Engaging with career centers to educate them about the AccessSTEM project.
  • Hosting social events for AccessSTEM Team members.
  • Providing information to student groups and student-run organizations.