AccessSTEM Partner Leaders

Image of Kathy

My name is Kathy Ackerman, and I work with SPS as a transition resource specialist. I help students, families, and teachers with transition planning. My relationships with community agencies are a great help during this process. I also provide training and resources to teachers, and I serve as the liaison between agencies and high schools. I am active on several boards and am the point person for AccessSTEM and the King County School to Work program. I received my bachelor's degree in special education from Illinois State University and my master's degree from City University.

Image of Susan

Hi, my name is Susan Gjolmesli. I am the program director for the Disability Resource Center at BC. I have worked professionally in the field of disability for thirty years. My favorite part of my job is getting to know all of the students in the program. I graduated from Gonzaga University as an education major. My husband Bjorn is from Norway and a member of the Puget Sound Norwegian community. We often travel to Norway to visit family. I also enjoy visiting my son Bryan in Orlando; he is a powerful advocate for elder care in the state of Florida. I enjoy a wide array of friends, gardening, and caring for my seeing eye dog, Inez.

Image of Myrna

Hi, I'm Myrna Muto. I work with SPS. My current position combines my educational experience as a career and technical education (CTE) teacher and school counselor. As a CTE guidance specialist, my responsibilities include oversight of the City Campus program, as well as being the point person for tech prep and special education. As the school counselor and career and college specialist liaison, I work with middle and high school counselors and the district's career and college specialists. Additionally, I participate on several community, business, and SPS boards and committees. I earned my bachelor's degree from UW and my master's degree from Seattle University.

Image of Al

My name is Al Souma, and I'm a rehabilitation counselor. I've been coordinating disability support services since 1991 at SCCC. In the past, I've worked as a rehabilitation counselor at an inpatient psychiatric setting in Madison, Wisconsin and in an outpatient setting in Santa Barbara, California for a total of fourteen years.

Image of Dyane

Hi! My name is Dyane Haynes. I am the director of the Disability Resources for Students office at the UW Seattle. My passion is for the full inclusion of students with disabilities in our campus community. I work with AccessSTEM on recruiting students, providing training and resources to faculty and administrators, developing project newsletters and publications, and promoting universal design.