'00 Ambassadors

Group photo of 2000 DO-IT Scholars

The following Ambassadors began participating in DO-IT in 2000. They continue to pursue college and career goals and encourage younger Scholars and Ambassadors.


Tasha, '00 Scholar

Hi. My name is Tasha. I graduated from Cleveland High School in Seattle. My favorite hobbies are playing games, shopping, talking on the phone, boys, animals, and collecting cards. My disability is Cerebral Palsy.

Jeffrey, '00 Scholar

My name is Jeffrey. I graduated from Tyee High School in SeaTac, Washington. I attend the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). My favorite sports are bowling, baseball, and skiing.

Ryan, '00 Scholar

Hello. I am Ryan. I am from Bonney Lake, Washington. I will be a sophomore this year at the University of Washington, where I plan to major in computer science and/or computer engineering. I have Cerebral Palsy and use a walker and an electric wheelchair for school. I love computers and math. My hobbies include surfing the Internet, fixing/working on computers, playing video games, swimming, and launching rockets. I was an Intern in Summer Study '02.

Raleigh, '00 Scholar

My name is Raleigh. I graduated from Rogers High School in Spokane, Washington. I attend Whitworth College, where I play football. My hobbies are singing in the school choir, at church, and in the community. I draw, build, mold, and dance. My goal is to become a professional singer. I have a learning disability. I thought that my disability couldn't be helped, but DO-IT showed me the light and opened doors for me.

Nora, '00 Scholar

My name is Nora and I finished my second year at Eastern Oregon University. I am an education major and plan to teach an E.S.L. or E.S.O.L. classroom at middle level. Some of my other interests are computer and video games, horses, and playing Magic the Gathering™ and Pokemon™ trading card games. I enjoy talking to others who share my interests, so write to me. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Israel, '00 Scholar

Hi. My name is Israel. I moved from Mexico to America five years ago. I graduated from Eastmont High School in Washington. I was recently selected for a Microsoft job shadow. I am blind. I like to use computers, ride bikes, play guitar, hang out with friends, and listen to music. My favorite music is soft rock. My favorite subject is English. I like navigating the Internet with my computer. I also like to chat on MSN Messenger™. JAWSTM, a screen reader program I use, helps me access other computer programs. I will attend Wenatchee Valley College in the fall. I plan to transfer to the University of Washington and major in computer programming. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Brian, '00 Scholar

My name is Brian. This fall, I will be attending the University of Washington as a junior. I am considering majoring in communications or ethnomusicology. I currently have an internship at KISW FM Radio. My future career goals revolve around becoming a professional DJ and running my own night club.

Ben, '00 Scholar

Hi. My name is Ben. I plan to attend college and become a lawyer. I enjoy sports and have participated in football, golf, and basketball. I served as a senator in my school's student leadership program. I participate in Young Life and my church youth group. I have a language learning disability and have really benefited from using a computer for my school assignments.

Jamie, '00 Scholar

My name is Jamie and I graduated from Lind High School in Lind, Washington. I will be attending Spokane Falls Community College, where I will study to become an x-ray technician. My hobbies include playing softball and watching baseball. I love to hang out with my friends. I hope new Scholars have a great time at DO-IT Summer Study!

Corinna, '00 Scholar

Hi. My name is Corinna. I work as a People First coordinator at the ARC of Snohomish County. I have Cerebral Palsy. I was an Intern at Summer Study '02. I hope to attend Highline Community College and work in Human Services.

Kasey, '00 Scholar

Hi. I am Kasey. My favorite classes are history and science. My hobbies are playing football and basketball, running, and participating in the ASB club. I plan to attend a university, major in psychology and early childhood development, and get a medical degree in psychiatry. I spend much of my time working and doing odd jobs for my neighbors.

Susanna, '00 Scholar

Hi. My name is Susanna. I have Cerebral Palsy and use a power wheelchair. I will be in my second year at the University of Washington in the fall. My favorite classes are women's studies and Spanish. My hobbies are reading, swimming, and playing on my computer. I was an Intern at Summer Study 200

Deke, '00 Scholar

Hi, my name is Deke. I graduated from Lake Chelan High School and attend Central Washington University. I am looking at majoring in computer science, with a minor in weather, education, or communications. I am a cook at the Hungry Belly. Some of my hobbies are snowboarding, wakeboarding, computer gaming, and working on my high school's computer systems. I have a learning disability called Aphasia. It affects my writing and reading. My computer is my main accommodation. I was an Intern at Summer Study '02. DO-IT helped me make new friends and learn how and where to get help at college.

Stephanie, '00 Scholar

My name is Stephanie. I am visually impaired. I will be attending Eastern Washington University for my second year in the fall. I hope to go to Portland State University in the vision program for my master's after getting a teaching degree. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, reading, and jogging.

Nick, '00 Scholar

My name is Nick. I attend North Seattle Community College, which has been terrific. I am in the culinary arts school because I plan to go into the hotel/restaurant industry. I have Cerebral Palsy and use a power chair. I am an avid Mariners fan and a Spencer mystery book fan. I am also an N64 addict.

Nathan, '00 Scholar

Hello. I am Nathan. I live in Edmonds, Washington. I am a Boy Scout. My favorite academic subjects are science, history, and technology. I graduated from Edmonds Cyber-school and this fall will attend Landmark College in Putney, Vermont. I enjoy bike riding. I have Dyslexia.

Nohemi, '00 Scholar

My name is Nohemi. I'm Hispanic. I live in Grandview, Washington and my disability is Cerebral Palsy. This fall, I'll attend my third year at Heritage College in Toppenish, Washington. My major is computer science. After college, I plan to work at Microsoft in Seattle as a computer programmer. My hobbies are going to theaters, going shopping, surfing the net, and chatting with friends.

Crystal, '00 Scholar

This is Crys and I'm hard of hearing. I'm 18 and a sophomore at Eastern Washington University. My major is social work. My career goal is to be a social worker and help others! I love music, drumming, sports, and horseback riding. I live in Spokane, Washington. Take care and God bless!

Gretchen, '00 Scholar

Hi. My name is Gretchen. In the fall, I will attend Central Washington University. I am interested in science, specifically medical, biology, and athletic health. My hobbies include mountain biking, volunteering at the Y, and rock climbing. I am outdoorsy with a knack for laughing and having fun with friends. I work part-time and enjoy school. I am a volunteer firefighter with a career aspiration of completing college with a doctorate in medicine and education. I am concentrating on becoming a paramedic or a rescue technician. I have a bilateral profound hearing loss.