Rocky Mountain Village College Preview Campers

Camper Bios

I live in Littleton, Colorado. I attend high school and want to study speech language. I would like to attend college but am not sure where I wand to go. I love dolphins!

I'm from Colorado. I like to watch football and talk on the Internet. I am 15 years old and was born in beautiful Colorado. My favorite kind of food is Chinese, I hope you like Chinese food too, because it's America's greatest food. I love sesame chicken. I love eating out at restaurants.

Hi my name is Tony. I am from Colorado. My favorite football team is the Colorado Buffaloes (CU) and Denver Broncos. My favorite hockey team is the Colorado Avalanche.

I am Peter. I have two posters that I picked out on the last day of high school. The first one is reach for your dreams poster & the other one is a Garfield & Odie poster that says are your ears in gear? I wear headphones. I had play time at 2:30 with Cynthia last year & the last two years. Before that I had play time with Miriam Chavez. I did pushes against the wall, leg lifts, thermoband & I did walks around the school with Cynthia.