Internet Scavenger Hunt

Black and white illustration of a dog dressed in private dective outfit


This Internet scavenger hunt can be tailored to suit almost any situation or age group. You can use it to strengthen other lessons or to explore sites of interest to your campers. As you can see from the worksheet example, almost any person or object can be used as part of the hunt.


Your campers will work in teams to apply search skills in finding specific information on the Internet.

Web Sites



The outline below can help you with this lesson.

  • Organize the group in pairs. You can let them choose their own partners or set the pairs yourself.
  • Present a captivating introduction to the lesson. Ask, "Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? Tell about your experiences."
  • Provide an overview of today's activity. Tell them that today, in pairs, they will go on a scavenger hunt on the Internet.
  • Explain the purpose and the rules (e.g., time limits). Teams begin with a list of objects that they must capture on their computer screen. Once a staff member initials the item, the team goes on to another object on the list. The team with the most hits at the end of the time period wins a prize (consider offering several prizes).
  • Distribute the activity worksheet and facilitate today's activity.
  • Collect the worksheets, count the number of finds for each team, and distribute prizes.