Information Technology Accessibility Checklist Now Online

Sunday, August 1, 2004

AccessIT partners with regional ADA & IT Centers to produce interactive online resource

The National Center on Accessible Information Technology in Education (AccessIT), a center co-sponsored by DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology), has announced the unveiling of its Information Technology in Education Accessibility Checklist. This interactive online tool was developed in collaboration with the ten regional ADA and IT Technical Assistance Centers.

Educational entities at all levels face myriad challenges as they provide a technology-rich learning environment for students. One challenge they all face is to assure that all hardware and software is accessible to all students, instructors, and staff, including those with disabilities. This checklist was developed to:

  • provide educational entities with a means by which they can track their progress on goals related to improving the accessibility of their information technology for students, instructors, and staff with disabilities
  • provide an interactive tool with which users can learn about the process of creating an accessible technology environment.

The checklist includes 38 items covering physical access, computer hardware and software, websites, multimedia, telecommunications products, self-contained closed products, information resources, policies and procedures, support and training, and individual accommodations including assistive technology.