Cool and Creepy Monster Building

black and white monster illustration


This lesson is designed for young campers. Reading skills are not necessary for this activity. Read instructions to non-readers. The Web site used in the lesson is fun. It was tested by the experts, kids.


Your campers will learn to make choices as they enjoy building their own monsters using the Build a Monster Web site.

Web Site

Build a Monster


Very little lecture time is necessary for this activity. You will need index cards for an off-line activity associated with the lesson. Since you will be working with young campers you may want to access the site for them before you begin. Give an explanation of what the campers can do at this site and, then, just let them go to it. A potential presentation outline follows.

  • Present a captivating introduction to the lesson. Ask "What is a monster? Are monsters real?"
  • Provide an overview of today's activity.
  • Distribute the worksheet and facilitate today's Internet activity.
  • Summarize and discuss what was learned today.