Conference Participants

Adams-Wiggins, Karlyn

Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology
The University of Texas at Tyler

Atherton, Timothy

Assistant Professor
Tufts University

Berke, Ryan

Assistant Professor
Utah State University

Booksh, Karl

Professor of Chemistry
University of Delaware

Brown, Fredericka

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Texas at Tyler

Burgstahler, Sheryl

Director, Accessible Technology Services
University of Washington

Chavela Guerra, Rocio

Director, Education and Career Development
American Society for Engineering Education

Chávez, Abel

Assistant Professor | Environment and Sustainability; Coordinator of MEM Sustainable and Resilient Communities
Western State Colorado University

Chua, Mallory

Collaboratory Postdoctoral Fellow
Olin College

Coley, Brooke

Associate Research Scientist
Arizona State University

Cox, Liz

Director, IDEA
Red Rocks Community College

Crawford, Lyla

Program Coordinator/Evaluator
DO-IT, University of Washington

Cross, Kelly

Post Doctoral Researcher
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Cruz, Alfredo

Director of Graduate Program
Polytechnic University of PR

Dison, Ana

Assistant Director
Women in Engineering Program-Cockrell School of Engineering-UT Austin

Dong, Jane

Associate Dean
California State University, Los Angeles

Farrell, Stephanie

Chair, Experiential Engineering Education Department
Rowan University

Fletcher, Shawna

Director, Women in Engineering Program
Texas A&M University

Fletcher, Trina

Director, Pre-College Programs
National Society of Black Engineers

Grzybowski, Deborah

Associate Professor Clinical
The Ohio State University

Hall, Janice

Graduate Research Student
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Hampton, Cynthia

Student Support and Program Staff
Virginia Tech/Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity

Jordan, Shawn

Assistant Professor
Arizona State University

Kellam, Nadia

Associate Professor
Arizona State University

Kirn, Adam

Assistant Professor
University of Nevada, Reno

Korbel, Donna

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
University of Connecticut

Kozuch, Kristine

Springfield Technical Community College

Lammey, Cara

Assistant Director, GoldShirt Program
University of Colorado, College of Engineering and Applied Science, The BOLD Center

Lan, Mei-Fang

Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Florida/CWC

Leyva, Luis

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
​Vanderbilt University

Lim, Christopher

Graduate Student
Yale University

Liptow, Emily

AmeriCorps VISTA, Diversity Initiatives in the College of Engineering
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Litzler, Elizabeth

University of Washington

Lucena, Juan

Professor and Director
Humanitarian Engineering

Margherio, Cara

Senior Research Associate
University of Washington

Martin, Julie

Associate Professor
Clemson University

Massi, Lisa

Director, Operations Analysis, Accreditation, Assessment, & Data Administration
University of Central Florida, College of Engineering & Computer Science

Matusovich, Holly

Associate Professor
Virginia Tech

Minichiello, Angela

Assistant Professor
Utah State University

Mitchell, Marlon

Graduate Research Assistant
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Mobley, Catherine

Professor of Sociology
Clemson University

Moore, James

Program Officer
National Science Foundation

O'Cadiz, Maria del Pilar

Education Director

Ogilvie, Andrea

PhD Candidate & Research Assistant
Virginia Tech

Ortiz, Araceli Martinez

Research Assistant Professor
Texas State University

Pawley, Alice

Associate Professor
Purdue University

Pearson Weatherton, Yvette

Associate Dean for Accreditation and Assessment
Rice University

Platt, Manu

Associate Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology

Pollock, Anne

Associate Professor
Georgia Tech

Riley, Donna

Professor and Interim Department Head
Virginia Tech

Ristvey, John

​UCAR Center for Science Education

Rodríguez-Simmonds, Héctor

Graduate Research Assistant
Purdue University

Rubadiri-Mujugira, Lindi 

Program Manager - STEM Liaison
Bellevue College

Rynearson, Anastasia

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
Purdue University

Secules, Stephen

Doctoral Candidate / Graduate Assistant
University of Maryland

Sigmund, Wolfgang

University of Florida

Silverstein, David

Program Director and Professor of Chemical & Materials Engineering
University of Kentucky

Simpson, C. LaShan

Assistant Professor
Mississippi State University

Slaton, Amy

Professor of History
Drexel University

Smith, Ian


Standage, Dan

Director, Disability in Education
Student Veterans of America

Stefl, Shannon

Ph.D. Student; Research Assistant
Clemson University

Svyantek, Martina

iPhD Student: Disability and Higher Education
Virginia Tech

Velez Reyes, Miguel

Chair and Professor
The University of Texas at El Paso

Wellman, Bruce

Engineering Chemistry Teacher & Robotics Instructor
Engineering Academy at Olathe Northwest High School

Williams, Darryl

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, School of Engineering
School of Engineering

Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo

UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow
Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Woodruff, Sarah

Discovery Center for Evaluation, Research, and Professional Learning

Zywicki, Stephanie

Asstistant Professor
Purdue University