Reports from Panel Discussions

Panel—Working Together: Disabled Student Services, Veterans Support, and Computing Departments

[Picture of David Gaitros, Bea Awoniyi, and Alice Anderson.]

Staff from Florida State University, Georgia State University, Green River Community College, and University of Alaska-Anchorage shared information about their programs and activities that support veterans, particularly those with disabilities. Panel members recommended the following campus activities for creating a welcome environment for veterans:

Panel—The Healing Effects of Education

Bridgett Cantrell, Hearts Toward Home International
Pat Shepherd, Fort Richardson

Participation in postsecondary education can play an important role in mitigating many of the effects caused by injury and trauma that result from deployments into conflict areas. Learning new things in the classroom and developing career goals as part of the school experience can help veterans look to the future with hope and excitement. Some of the points presented by panel members are summarized below: