Practitioner CBIs: Forty-nine stakeholder participants and six students engaged with five project staff in the 2010-2011 AccessSTEM practitioner CBIs. Counseling and advising staff represented units that included engineering, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and social science. Faculty members represented majors in materials science engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and social science. Other participants represented general campus services such as career services, veteran services, and disability support services. Three associate deans from the UW College of Engineering were actively involved. Five students, who have disabilities, from AccessSTEM partner schools also participated in the practitioner CBIs:

[Female student uses a 
microscope in a science lab.]

Students offered their perspective regarding how to support the success of students with disabilities and shared their experiences in postsecondary STEM programs, accommodation needs, and challenges in pursuing STEM.

Student CBIs: Twenty students with disabilities at partner institutions participated in three AccessSTEM student CBIs. Their interests included careers in marine biology, genomics, aeronautical engineering, oncology, information security and policy analysts, circuit design, computational electromagnetics, biomedical and biological research, engineering, medicine, scientific writing and teaching, computer programming, and forensics.