Report from Panel Discussion

[A female student in a wheelchair asks a question during a classroom discussion. ]

Panelists included PEERs Leaders:
Cezanne Camacho, Electrical Engineering
Nuvala Fomban, Bioengineering
Kimberlee Sing, Chemical Engineering
Megan Torkildson, Human-Centered Design and Engineering
Rafael Vertido, Computer Science
Quoc-Anh Vu, Electrical Engineering

Panel members discussed their experiences as engineering students and as PEERs Leaders. They shared a variety of reasons they signed up for the PEERs seminar, including

Students reported learning a variety of things through the PEERs program, such as

The PEERs Leaders were able to point to ways that diversity has made a positive difference in their engineering education. They felt more open to diverse ideas in teamwork settings and more respectful of the fact that everyone brings a different perspective to a team. PEERs Leaders recognized that when a group is more diverse, varying viewpoints with respect to gender, race, disability, or native language can be useful in solving problems effectively.