AccessComputing Building Capacity to Promote the Success of Students, Including Veterans, With Disabilities in Computing and Information Technology Fields

May 24-26, 2011
Arlington, VA

The goal of this CBI was to explore ways to increase the participation and success of students, including veterans, with disabilities in computing and information technology postsecondary studies and careers.

Participants in this two-day event included student services leaders, administrators, and teaching faculty from institutions around the country. Hosted by the UW AccessComputing project, the CBI provided a forum for comparing recruitment and access challenges, sharing successful practices, developing collaborations, and identifying systemic change initiatives for increasing the capacity of institutions to serve students with disabilities. Specific goals of this CBI were to

Speakers and panelists were also CBI participants. Many either had disabilities or were practitioners with direct experience in serving students with disabilities. Broad issues that were discussed included

For details about this CBI, read the Proceedings. For a comprehensive summary of CBI presentations and discussions, consult the CBI Proceedings.