Reports from Working Group Discussions

[Picture of a working discussion group.]

CBI participants represented a wide range of stakeholders, including postsecondary faculty and staff, and employees of organizations serving students around the country. They brainstormed and shared ideas about how to better serve students in computing fields in postsecondary education. The following summarizes their discussions.

Question 1: What are challenges that students with disabilities face in pursuing computing undergraduate and graduate academic programs and careers?

Question 2: How can disability support services, computing departments, veterans organizations, and other groups work together effectively to increase the number of people with disabilities in the computing sciences?

Question 3: How can disability-related topics be integrated into the computing and IT classroom curricula on your campus?

Question 4: What specifically can your computing department, disability support services office, veterans organization, or other campus service do to improve the recruitment and support of students with disabilities in computing departments and careers?