CBI Participants

All of the participants from the AccessEngineering capacity building institute.

Stakeholder groups represented in the CBI included

  • student service leaders and administrators,
  • faculty members,
  • students, and
  • professional organizations.

The following individuals participated in the CBI.

Aceros, Juan
Professor Electrical Engineering
University of North Florida (UNF)

Blank, Molly
Bioengineering/University of Washington

Brooking, Gary
Engineering Educator
Wichita State University

Brown, Kayla
Program Coordinator, DO-IT
University of Washington

Burgstahler, Sheryl
Director, Accessible Technology Services (ATS)
AccessEngineering, PI
University of Washington

Cakmak, Maya
Assistant Professor
Computer Science & Engineering Department
AccessEngineering co-PI
University of Washington

Caspi, Anat
Director, Taskar Center for Accessible Technology
University of Washington

Crawford, Lyla
Program Coordinator, DO-IT
University of Washington

Cross, Kelly
Visiting Research Scientist
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Dean, Jered
Teaching Associate Professor
Colorado School of Mines

Dusek, Jeff
Olin College

Farmosa, Dan
Dan Formosa, Inc.

Feldner, Heather
Postdoctoral researcher
University of Washington

Gess, Joshua
Assistant Professor
Oregon State University

Glasper Butler, Marilyn
Disability Services Coordinator
Georgia Tech

Hamidi, Foad
Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Hayman, Doug
Senior Computer Specialist
University of Washington

James, Elianna
Adjunct Professor
University of Colorado - Boulder

Jiang, Zhaoshuo
Assistant Professor
San Francisco State University

Kabayadondo, Zaza
Smith College

Kamal, Ahmed
Associate Professor
Tennessee Tech University

Kramer, Howard
University of Colorado Boulder

Lee, Elizabeth
Publications Coordinator, DO-IT
University of Washington

Liu, Li
Assistant Professor
California State University, Northridge

Mallouk, Kaitlin
Instructor, Tenure-Track
Rowan University

Manero, Albert
President/Director of Research Program Services
Limbitless Solutions/UCF

Mejia, Joel
Assistant Professor
Angelo State University

Ristvey, John
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Russo, John
Dean, School of Science, Business and Technology
Landmark College

Seay, Jeffrey
Associate Professor
University of Kentucky

Shinohara, Kristen
PhD Candidate
University of Washington

Spingola, Elizabeth
Instructional Technology Support
Virginia Tech

Steele, Katherine
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
AccessEngineering co-PI
University of Washington

Svyantek, Martina
Graduate Assistant
Virginia Tech

Taylor, Alyssa
Senior Lecturer
University of Washington

Wang, Chao
Senior Lecturer, Engineering
Arizona State University