Case Study #3

Photo of Bill in the computer lab
Internet Exploration
Northwest Burn Foundation Camp
Camp Waskowitz
North Bend, WA


The Northwest Burn Foundation sponsors a camp for teenagers who have survived serious burns. DO-IT provides an Internet Exploration open lab during this summer camp session.

Instructional and Technical Team

DO-IT staff members provide overall coordination and technical set-up of the Internet Exploration program. A teacher is the lead instructor. High school and college students provide technical and instructional assistance.


The goals of the Internet Exploration program are for campers to become familiar with a variety of Internet resources and to develop basic Internet Exploration and communication skills.


NCSA Telnet and Internet browser filtering software are used to access Internet resources. A Web page with links to Internet resources appropriate for the ages, interests, and skill levels of campers is created for each session. As campers enter the lab, they are presented with this Web page and assisted in making selections. More advanced students learn to use electronic mail and perform Web searches. Staff take digitized pictures and help campers write bios to put up on a camp program Web page. Staff print copies of bios and pictures for campers to take home. Each camper receives a certificate of achievement.

Facility and Computers

The Northwest Burn Foundation rents Camp Waskowitz for their program. A crafts room in an existing camp building is used for the Internet program. Compaq Computer loans computers for the Internet Exploration program. Digital Vision, Inc., loans digital cameras and video capture boards. There are one or two campers at each computer station. DO-IT provides adaptive technology and other accommodations for campers who cannot use standard computer devices.

Internet Service

Ten phone lines are installed in the lab for the Internet Exploration program. Computers are equipped with modems. A local Internet service provided provides access to the Internet: accounts are purchased for the minimum time allowed, one month, for $20 each.

Program Integration

All campers have opportunities to sign up for the Internet lab during morning and afternoon sessions. The home page presented to them as they enter the lab is tailored to camper interests, ages, and abilities. The page is dynamic and is changed over the course of the camp as new resources are found, interest in old resources is exhausted, and campers express their interests.


The Internet Exploration program is publicized through regular camp mailings by the Northwest Burn Foundation. It is also publicized in the DO-IT News newsletter. No special registration for Internet Exploration is required of campers.

Camp Contact Information

Summer Camp for Young Burn Survivors
Patti Simon, Program Director
Northwest Burn Foundation
1515 NW 52nd Street, Suite A
Seattle, WA 98107-3858