Campus Groups

D Center

The UW Disability and d/Deaf Culture Center, located in MGH 024, fosters a climate of social justice and pride, centered on universal design, access, and diversity. It betters the UW community by fostering disability and d/Deaf pride, promoting social justice through an inclusive environment, sharing resources for self-advocacy, developing educational programming, engaging stakeholders with principles of universal design, and promoting a transforming socio-cultural understanding of disability. For more information, email or visit their website. Learn about upcoming D Center events on their Facebook page.

ASL Club

For more information on the American Sign Language Club, check out their Facebook group.

Mad Campus

Mad Campus is a peer group for students identifying with or experiencing madness, mental illness and/or neurodiversity. Meets throughout the school year on a weekly basis in MGH 024. Check the D Center website for updated times.


The Disability Advocacy Student Alliance is a student group facilitated for and by students. They represent student interests while working with allied student groups, the UW administration, and the off-campus community. Students with and without disabilities, those who have friends with disabilities, or people who want to learn about disability rights and advocacy are welcome to join the fun! For more information contact or visit the DASA Facebook page by searching for “UW disability revolution.”

ASUW Student Disability Commission

The Associated Students of the University of Washington Student Disability Commission was established to create communities for individuals with disabilities and their allies by providing programming, resources, and a safe accessible space. For more information, send an email to

Disability Studies Program

Disability Studies at the UW involves a multi-campus interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, students, and community members, who share an interest in questions relating to society’s understanding of disability. The undergraduate disability studies minor and the individualized studies major in disability studies provide opportunities for students to develop a strong interdisciplinary foundation in the social, legal, and political framing of disability. For more information, visit our website. 

My Experience with Registered Student Organizations

By K Wheeler, DO-IT Staff

Being a part of a Registered Student Organization (RSO) on campus has been a really important part of my Husky Experience. It’s a great place to make friends, but it’s more than that. Over time, I was able to work my way up the ranks, taking on leadership roles until I became president of my RSO, Harry Potter Club.

According to the RSO Directory, there are 854 Student Organization on campus. We have everything from pop culture clubs, like Harry Potter Club, to cultural clubs, like the African Student Association. We also have major or field centric clubs, like the Neurobiology Club. There’s something for everyone! Find a club that’s right for you on the RSO website.