Are there any discussion lists that address technology access issues for people with blindness or visual impairments?

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Following is a small sampling of the discussion lists concerned with access to electronic and information technology for people with blindness. A much more comprehensive list, including over two hundred blindness-related emailing lists and blindness-related newsgroups, is the BLIST: The Comprehensive Index of Blindness-Related Emailing Lists. The links below lead directly to the BLIST information for the specified list, including further description, links to archives where available, and instructions for subscribing.

  • ACCESS-L—Access Technology for the blind
  • BASR-L—Browser and Screen Reader Listserv
  • BlindComputerUsers—Discussion list for all blind or visually impaired computer users
  • BLIND-CS—Targeted discussion list for college students & professionals in the computer industry
  • BLIND-DEV—Dedicated to the discussion of issues concerning the development of computer products and adaptive equipment for blind and visually impaired users
  • BLIND-L—Non-GUI computer use by and for the blind
  • BlindProgramming—Discussion of programming issues, particularly in the GUI environment, for people with blindness or visual impairments
  • blinux-list—Discussion of Linux usage as it relates to the blind and visually impaired community
  • BlndCompUse —General discussion of blind people using computers
  • NFBCS—National Federation of the Blind in Computer Science list dedicated to discussion of access to computers by blind persons and issues specific to NFBCS
  • PROGRAM-L—Discussion list for blind and visually impaired programmers, with a particular emphasis on the visual aspects of application design