Activity Worksheet: Send a Card to a Fellow Camper


Today you will create and send greeting cards to friends at camp. Follow the instructions below to find the card-building site and create and send your own card. Send cards to friends and family members if you know their e-mail addresses. You can even send a card to yourself.

  1. Find the Build-A-Card site by using your Web browser and typing in this URL:
  2. Select a card design. Follow the instructions to create a card for a fellow camper. You will need to know his/her electronic mail address. If you don't know a camper's address, ask him or her.
  3. When your message is complete, select Send the Card and click Preview or Send Card. The recipient will be notified by electronic mail about how to pick up his/her card at the Build-A-Card Web site.
  4. Below, create a funny card to your camp counselor or a friend at camp, cut it out, put a picture on the back, and deliver it.