Accessible Technology Resources on Campus

An instructor shows a student how to use a specific technology.

Access Technology Center

The Access Technology Center (ATC) on the Seattle Campus provides resources to improve access to computing resources for University of Washington students, faculty, and staff. The computers, software, and special equipment in the center

and at other locations on UW campuses provide

  • access for blind users via speech output or braille;
  • screen magnification for people with low vision;
  • alternatives to the standard keyboard and mouse;
  • speech recognition software as a writing tool;
  • tools to make reading and writing easier;
  • accessories for comfortable computer use; and
  • the capability to produce documents in alternative formats such as e-text, braille, and large print.

For information about assistive technology on your campus, ask your disability services representative. Visit the ATC at the UW Seattle campus in Mary Gates Hall, Room 064, or consult their website.

A student views a computer close up.

Need an alternative, accessible document?

Check out Disability Resource Services’s document conversion tool.

Center for Technology and Disability Studies

The Center for Technology and Disability Studies (CTDS) is an interdisciplinary program within the Center for Human Development and Disability and the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine in the School of Medicine. For a list of CTDS projects and activities, visit their website.

Accessible Technology at the UW

The Accessible Technology website provides resources and tips related to IT accessibility, as well as opportunities for community involvement.

Learn about Accessible Science

A collection of accessible science equipment is on display at the Access Technology Center in MGH 064. Come explore the equipment and learn how science can be made more accessible through the application of Universal Design. More information is available from Accessible Technology Services.