About the CBI

Kayla Brown presents using a mic and laptop at the AccessEngineering capacity building institute.

Accessibility and Universal Design in Engineering Curriculum, sponsored by AccessEngineering, was held in Seattle, WA on April 19–21, 2017. Its purpose was to encourage efforts to make engineering more welcoming and accessible to students with disabilities and enhance engineering curricula with disability-related and universal design topics. Attendees included engineering students and professionals with disabilities, postsecondary faculty and administrators, disability experts, and professional organization representatives.

This CBI featured the following:

  • All participants contributed to its success.
  • Speakers participated in group discussions.
  • Experts in all topic areas were in the audience.
  • Participants gave presentations and participated in small and large group discussions.
  • Some predetermined professional development was presented, new content was delivered as the meeting unfolded, participant interests were expressed, and expertise was made known.

The CBI provided a forum for discussing recruitment and access challenges, sharing expertise and successful practices, developing collaborations, creating resources, and identifying systemic change initiatives relevant to the meeting goals.

Topics discussed included

  • universal design of laboratories, instruction, and academic accommodations;
  • the experiences of engineering students and professionals with disabilities;
  • outreach activities designed to recruit students with disabilities into engineering;
  • best practices for making courses welcoming and accessible to students with disabilities; and
  • inclusion of disability, accessibility, and universal design topics in engineering curricula.


The agenda for the CBI and summaries of the presentations, panels, and working group discussions are provided on the following pages.