DO-IT Scholar Profile: Nathan

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I'm a swing dance instructor. I learned swing when I was a kid, and so I enjoy sharing it with other people. I'm hoping to get a double major in Spanish and international business. And I would possibly like to be traveling to other countries trying to set up contracts between different companies. I've always kind of struggled with math and stuff, and reading. Most commonly I get Bs and Ds backwards. Sometimes with math, you'd get these extremely long equations that, if you mix one number up, the whole thing will come out, you'll get the wrong answer. I've definitely used grammar check in Microsoft Word and stuff like that. If I was typing, it would be extremely difficult for me to maintain my train of thought through the entire, like, typing the paragraph or whatever, but if I can just speak it, Dragon Naturally Speaking, it can remember it and then put it there for me. I've gotten to meet people who have the same disability as me and seen how they cope with it. It's been great. You know, they have a lot of fun activities here and the classes are very insightful here, and just being able to use the technology is fantastic.