What are typical accommodations for students with AD/HD?

DO-IT Factsheet #309

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder [1] (AD/HD), formerly classified as ADD or ADHD, may impact a student's classroom behavior and study skills. Some students with AD/HD will need accommodations to help them achieve academic goals. Students may be the best source of information about their needs; teachers should encourage student input on the best accommodations. Teachers can provide support to all of their students, including those with AD/HD, by following practices of universal design of instruction [2].

In addition, accommodations for a student with AD/HD may include

For more information on accommodations for students with AD/HD, consult 83 Accommodations That Can Help Students with Attention Deficit Disorders Perform Better in School [4]. Accommodations recommended for students with learning disabilities (LD) may also be helpful for students with AD/HD. For accommodations for students with LD, consult What are typical accommodations for students with learning disabilities? [5]